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Reportage: International Women’s Day celebrated across UK!

Posted by: Yared Tesfay

Date: Monday, 11 March 2024


International Women’s Day celebrated across United Kingdom!

Eritrean women in the United Kingdom (showed their solidarity) on 09 March 2024 celebrated the International Women Day in London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester City, Middlesbrough, Coventry, Sheffield, Leeds, Cardiff, Newcastle, Liverpool, Glasgow, Brighton and Manchester amid a variety of cultural activities, music poetry and other presentations. “Equality: Our Core Principle” became the resounding message of the moment in all the celebrations conducted.


The celebrations in London began with a moment of silence in remembrance of those who gave their lives for Eritrea’s freedom. Following that, Ms. Nardos Michael, Chairperson of NUEW-UK welcomed everyone and presented the Official NUEW statement on the occasion. She also congratulated the Eritrean women for all the hard works and outlined the many achievements made and challenges faced by the Eritrean women in the struggle to build a new nation based on equality and progress. She highlighted some of the important tasks outlined in the future plan of the NUEW.


Speaking at the celebration in which invited guests and hundreds of citizens took part, Mr. Saleh Abdella, Charge d’ Affairs, Embassy of the State of Eritrea to UK & Ireland, highlighted the unparalleled contribution and heroism manifested by the Eritrea women in achieving the independence of the country, national development and safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty. He also congratulated the NUEW for its decisive role in building a new Eritrea based on gender equality.


He further commended the Eritrean women’s readiness to play exemplary role, and called on the NUEW to take concerted action through strengthening their organisational basis and capacity in a bid to render the hostilities against Eritrea a further blow.


Also at the celebrations held in Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Coventry, Newcastle, Nottingham, Cardiff, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Leicester City, Brighton members of the NUEW branch asserted that the Day plays significant role in assessing the achievements and the challenges of the struggle waged by women to ensure their rights and roles in the Eritrean society. On the occasion veteran founders of the NUEWs used this celebration to pass on the torch to Eritrea’s new generation of women as a symbol of the need to transfer the basic values as cultural heritage. 

London 11/3/2024

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