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Results - Oberbank Linz Donau Marathon 2024

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Monday, 08 April 2024


Goitom Kifle wins the Linz Marathon

17,400 runners took part in the Linz Donau Marathon on Sunday. The victory went to Goitom Kifle with a time of 2:08:15. Andreas Vojta won the Austrian national championship title with 2:19:15.

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Linz Marathon winner Goitom Kifle

The starting signal for the 22nd Linz Donau Marathon was fired at 9.30 a.m. sharp on Sunday. This year the organizers once again set themselves the goal of improving the men's course record. But that wasn't possible this year, probably because of the high temperatures. Kifle from Eritrea won with a time of 2:08:15. “I am very happy that I won. The pacemaker supported us a lot,” said Kifle after his victory at the finish.

In the women's race, Rebecah Jeruto Cherop from Kenya triumphed with 2:33:05. She visibly reached the finish line with the last of her strength and then had to receive medical care. Second place went to Lina Jepkemoi, also from Kenya. Gulum Tekle from Ethiopia came in third.

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1. Andebrhan, Goitom Kifle(ERI)2:08:11
2. Chirchir, Denis Kipngeno (KEN)2:08:24
3. Gonfa, Dejene Debela (ETH)2:08:33
4. Kibii, Fredrick (KEN)2:08:52
5. Kimeli, Wisley (KEN)2:09:36
6. Serem, Victor Kiplagat (KEN)2:09:48
7. Loidl, Andreas (AUT)2:10:08
8. Kimaiyo, Edwin Kangogo (KEN)2:11:44
9. Rono, Vincent Kipsang (KEN)2:14:22
10. Ekai, Anthony Apori (KEN)2:17:55

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