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Caribbean: fresh water is in short supply on many islands

Posted by: The Conversation

Date: Friday, 17 May 2024

The Caribbean can seem like paradise, with sparkling ocean as far as the eye can see. But while water surrounds the islands, many of them are struggling with droughts and severe drinking water shortages.

Tourism revenue is essential to the islands, so hotels often take priority. Residents, however, can face sharp water use restrictions and, in some countries, even water service that’s limited to a few hours a day. Farah Nibbs explains why water demand is outstripping supply in the islands and what can be done to fix the problems and increase water security for the population.

And Jan Culik maps the political career of Slovakia’s controversial prime minister in the wake of an attempt on his life.

Stacy Morford

Environment + Climate Editor

Thirsty in paradise: Water crises are a growing problem across the Caribbean islands

Farah Nibbs, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Water is everywhere, but freshwater supplies are limited on many Caribbean islands. Rising demand and climate change are worsening water shortages for the people who live here.

Who is Robert Fico? Slovakia’s controversial prime minister in stable but serious condition after assassination attempt

Jan Culik, University of Glasgow

The prime minister remains in hospital after being shot at close range.

Meet Paris’ black dandies, the Sapeurs

Daouda Coulibaly, EDC Paris Business School

The members of the Society for Ambience and Elegance (Sape) are impossible to overlook. Born in Central Africa at the beginning of the 20th century, the style is now found from Paris to Dubai.


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