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Eritrea for mobile viewing What was the scope of Eritrea's sanction?

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Date: Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Post by Cigar » 29 Jul 2018, 11:33

I don't care how the illigal sanction against Eritrea get lifted as long as it is lifted, but why is the UN contemplating that the sanction might be obsolete, because there is peace initiatives with ethiopia?

If this is the reason why was not woyane ruled ethiopia sanctioned when it was the one which kept peace as a hostage by violating the rule of law?

The 14 UN security Council members already admitted that the sanction was illigal except the USA on the basis of the unfounded accusation.

Now, they are telling us that it was the lack of peace between the two countries?
Man, this is a case of 100 billion dollars sue against the UN and the USA.
I hope our govt pursues it, after the sanction is lifted.

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Post by Zmeselo » 29 Jul 2018, 13:30


Many Eritreans are unaware, of the devastating effects of the Sanctions. They think, it's only about military hardware. This is the truth, taken from a discussion at TN:

Courtesy: TesfaNews

The sanction resolution gave mandate to member states, to search and seize any Eritrea bound shipment via their waters or airspace if the shipments is suspected to have dual purpose (military and non-military).

For example, in theory, a bulldozer is designed for construction purposes, but according to the punitive, "stand-alone" sanction regime imposed against Eritrea, a bulldozer can be used to dig trenches (military) so Eritrea can't import it.

So due to such expanded definition, almost anything that Eritrea imports, falls under the sanction regime. In other words, Eritrea was literally required to send its "shopping list" to the UN SEMG months ahead, in full details (sourcing, price, quantity, specification, brand, etc...) each time it needs to import machinery and other industrial imports. Because of that:

- imported electric generators were held in Turkey for over three years (electric crisis)

- we were denied to buy passenger planes and plane spare parts (EU flight ban/plane safety/airline collapse)

- procuring medicine took months (shortage of medicine, health crisis)

- importing heavy duty machineries (... unless powers such as China guaranteed the funding, procurement and delivery process)

- etc ...

it was a monkey wrench everywhere, with the intended goal of arresting the economy and create social unrest, that will eventually lead to state collapse. If there is anyone who thinks the sanctions were on arms or asset freeze only, he is the least informed.

Courtesy Berhane:


I add the following, to briefly summarise financial difficulties.

The consequence of having no access to funds in the international financial market due to sanction are far reaching and devastating to any nation with decent economy, let alone a newly minted fragile Eritrean economy.

Sourcing foreign currency in the form of loans from the IMF and international lenders is a common way of funding development projects and injecting foreign currency into the economy, meaning economic stabilisation in short term and inflation check.

Importing essentials like medicine, raw material input to factories, spare parts, fertilisers, food items etc...requires $.

Eritrea suffered greatly from lack of access to $ and they even tried to strangle the 2%. Imagine a country without foreign currency and no where to get it? People underestimate the implications of this..literally- you are left to suffocate and implode!

How did Eritrea survive? It is a miracle and huge sacrifices were made, by her sons and daughters. Entirely another topic and could be a "survival manual", for a nation targeted by vultures.

It will take a year or two for Ere to gain access to the market, even when sanctions are lifted. For those who would ask for dramatic and immediate change, I'd say, be patient. You waited 15 years- what's one or two, for the reform to kick in.

Courtesy Haile:

First, I would like to start by saying that the sanctions were illegal, unjust and a criminal act by
the UNSC and its sponsors, against a sovereign independent nation of Eritrea. The specifics of the Sanctions or their ramifications can be seen for most part as an arms Embargo, which is the primary purpose but also it includes freezing of military and political official’s assets, that they deemed it to be necessary. It also includes, Travel ban of Government officials. What most people don't realize is, The Impact of Arms Embargo has wide-ranging consequences. Most people may naively mistake it to Military hardware embargo only, in reality it also includes any hardware that could be used to make or even restore an existing military hardware.

Could be as simple as nails, paint & even nuts and bolts can be considered materials that can be used by the military, which then falls under the embargo. As you can see this could have a much wider implications, as most of what is military hardware is made of, is in essence & can be used in everyday life. A simple example could be: car tires. Any shipment of tires for instance, could be banned from entering the country, if they consider it to be used for Military vehicles or vehicles owned by military officials.

We can go on and on, about different parts of any construction and how it can be excluded from entering the country because the part, could also be said to be used for military reasons. While this in it by itself could have crippling effects in any economy, but the other damaging part of a sanction is that it prevents investors from being able to invest or doing business with a country that is under sanctions. Now in the Eritrean case, I go back to what I started with. This Sanction was illegal and was based on unfounded allegations, rather than facts on the ground. Because its intention was to ANTAGONIZE the people of Eritrea, DEMONIZE the Leadership and PARALIZE the economy. One can imagine, in every chance they got that they would exercise the full weight of the sanctions, sometimes even surpassing the mandate that was given to them by the UNSC.

The Sanctions on Eritrea, was a true blunder of History and miscarriage of Justice that was put on to bear, on the innocent people of Eritrea and its Leadership. But those who have conspired against Eritrea, have failed in Paralyzing the country. They may have delayed our progress, but they have failed in achieving their ultimate objectives and also have failed in stopping the camel from MARCHING ON! From the looks of things, In the coming days hopefully, we will see this illegal and unjust sanction being thrown into the dustbin of history and without a doubt, our economy should see a speedy recovery.


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