Let us laugh at Berlin experts and their Almaz Zerai

Posted by: Berhane Kidane

Date: Saturday, 17 September 2016

Thu,15 Sep 2016 by Mr Biniam Tekle
Dear Dehaiers!
Would you please post my article?
There is no difference between Almaz Zerai and her Berlin experts or panelists.All of them are dreaming how they destabilize ,possibly destroy our Eritrea.Our loved President Isayas Afewerki is very well.He does not need to be diagnosed.His only sickness is how he makes our Eritrea's
sovreignity and selfreliance struggle safeguarded.The same truth is with the youth who are working hard to build and free our Eritrea from dependence and handouts.Eritrea is not a country where Almaz Zerai and her Berlin experts enjoy bargaining over our dignity.It is the country  of
the heroic EPLF.So the high time that someones  should  be kept in life long are Almaz Zerai and her masters for they have been infected
with incurable Ethiopian Amhara-Tigrayans' disgusting diseases.How often she may howl ;the heroic indigenous young Eritreans shall never
go out of their loved Eritrea as she dreams.They shall be  there to mow down the un invited Weeds like her.So Almaz Zerai is neither an Eritrean nor a campaigners representative.She is a well known head of quislings.
          Mr Christoph Straesser and Mr George Schmidt narrate about Justice,Political and Civilrights:Justice that doesn't exist in their own Germany.And they suggest that our loved government should be bounded by their handful Development Assistance of Euros.It is laughable.
                           Why should our government be obliged to garantee all this selfish agreements?
                         Haven't  those liar traitor Eritreans been encouraged to flee by their Europeans in an effort to strengthen their Ethiopian puppets
                          invade our Eritrea?
                          Do Mr Straesser and Mr Schmidt have any evidence that our government abused those liars to flee?
These Berlin experts might have deported those liar Eritreans rather they kept on telling Lies that our heroic President Isayas an authoritarian regime is.
                        I have been in Germany as an exiled (Asylant)Eritrean for over 36 years.Eritrea's 1991 Independence was a great  shock for
the German Government.Immediately after the referendum,the German government conspired against the Eritrean government by enforcing
a LAW OF MITEINBÜRGERUNG which makes us deny and hate our Nationality,our country and our President Isayas and issued us with a
RED PASSPORT which forbids Eritreans  who don't hold it  travelling to Eritrea.From the very beginning they have been compeling us to
acknowledge ourselves as exiled Ethiopians.Hundred tausands opportunist Eritreans had already acknowledged themselves as Ethiopians
willingly ever since the year of 1980.It was an atrocite to undermine our Eritrean government's economical capabilities would be shattered
and as a result their Ethiopian Tigrayan Clique could gain the opportunity to erase us.
                    I didn't want to have their Einbürgerung offer.And in the last Months of 1998 I got a letter which descibes me as  unidentified
person and forbade me travelling to Eritrea.My families were eager to see me after the War.Unfortunately they didn't see me.All of them died.
But what it never dies................................!
I live here as a citizen of no country.That is the political and civilrights or Justice in Germany what Herr Straesser and Herr Schmidt boast of.
Why did I work life long as an EPLF Mass Organization  if I was to hate my loved Eritrea and loved EPLF?
Sieg den Volks Massen!
Thanks to Dehaiers.
Yours sincerely Berhane Kidane Tübingen  17.09.2016
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