Translation of Othello: Great Accomplishment

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Date: Thursday, 22 September 2016

It is a great news to hear the translation of "Othello" into Tigrigna language by  Hailemeloket Mewael. I have already ordered the book via
Almost the major Shakespeare's tragedy plays such as Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and Othello have been translated into our lingua franca. The translation has much to do with the  change of styles and mode of expressions in Tigrigna language. 
Unlike in the past, Shakespeare works are much simplified as they are readily available in modern English. However, a translator with background experience in poetry is required in order to keep intact the beauty of Shakespearean expression.
About ten tales from Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb will be published by next year.They are intended for young and adult leaders as well.
In the meantime, thanks Ato Hailemelekot  for taking your time in translating this classical opus by the greatest dramatist of all time.
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