Enough of the CIA's Enough Project in Africa

Posted by: thomas mountain

Date: Tuesday, 04 October 2016

Enough of CIA’s “Enough Project” in Africa

Enough of the CIA’s “Enough Project” in Africa. With Hollywood
superstar George Clooney as it’s talking head, EP, as it is known, was
founded by senior US Intel “spook” Gayle Smith, former Senior Director
of the National Security Council under President Obama and now head of

Today EP is headed by Ms. Smith’s protégé John Prendergast whose
history as head of EP is one of subterfuge and lies in service to Pax

EP claims it’s mission is to prevent genocide in Africa, as in the
name “Enough Project”, yet has been conspicuously silent when it comes
to the genocidal famine in Somalia during the Great Horn of Africa
Drought in 2011-12 where 250,000 Somali children starved to death.

Recently George Clooney was enjoying 15 minutes of fame as a
humanitarian claiming to have exposed massive corruption in South
Sudan when he should have been warning the world of the UN’s next
genocide in Somalia as in 300,000 starving children.

Soon the genocide in Somalia will hit its peak with hundreds, up to
1,000 children a day dying from hunger with only a deafening silence
emanating from the CIA’s Enough Project.

EP, with support from its big brother, the Center for American
Progress, only once in its history raised a real genocide, that back
in 2007-8 when Gayle Smith was out to political pasture, she being a
rabid democrat during the Bush Jr. years in office. Then she was part
of the Democrat “opposition” to the Bush regime and oh so briefly
raised the food and medical aid blockade in the Ogaden in Ethiopia,
where the only instance of both the Red Cross and Doctors Without
Borders being expelled from a famine stricken region has been allowed.

Once Ms. Smith jumped on the Obama For President bandwagon, no further
objections to the genocide in the Ogaden were heard.

Today EP is proving its loyalty to Pax Americana by playing huckster
for regime change in South Sudan, as in denying China access to
African oil via the invasion of “peacekeepers” in the name of
Responsibility To Protect of Libyan infamy. The USA has abandoned
former “rebel leader” Riek Machar in favor of direct military
intervention in South Sudan by the UN and the USA’s gendarme in
Africa, the AU.

The Chinese have started to expand their oil production so expect to
hear louder cries of outrage from the likes of EP about various crimes
and even “genocide” in South Sudan followed by demands for more
foreign military intervention in the country.

With all their lies and subterfuge don’t you think that we here in
Africa have had enough of the CIA’s Enough Project?

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Thomas C. Mountain is an independent journalist in Eritrea living and
reporting from here since 2006. His speeches, interviews and articles
can be seen on Facebook at thomascmountain or he can best be reached
at thomascmountain at g mail dot com
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