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YPFDJ Sweden Wide Conference 27th - 29th October 2017, Skara/Lidköping/Jönköping

Posted by: Sirak Bahlbi

Date: Monday, 30 October 2017

Resolution YPFDJ Sweden Wide Conference

27th - 29th October 2017, Skara/Lidköping/Jönköping

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YPFDJ Sweden held its country wide conference between 27-29 October 2017 in Skara/Lidkoping/Jönköping, Sweden under the theme of Building Professional and Conscious Youth to evaluate the objective reality of the Eritrean youth movement from chapters located from 18 different cities of Sweden.

During the Conference, members of the Eritrean Embassy, YPFDJ National Board and Chapter leaders and members from Sweden and representatives of Europe YPFDJ were present. Also organisational leaders from PFDJ Sweden, NUEW Sweden, Eritrean Community, National Committee were present to participate and monitor the YPFDJ youth organisation and give solidarity speech.

The Eritrean communities in Skara/Lidkoping/Jönköping and surrounding cities in Sweden have provided all material and moral support for the successful planning and completion of the YPFDJ Sweden conference and YPFDJ Sweden want to pass its total gratitude to all organisations for their support and continuous stand for the need of the youth.

The Conference observed a minute’s silence and national anthem in the opening ceremony of the event and kicked-off the program by welcoming speech from the chairman of YPFDJ Sweden bitsay Senai Tareke and a workshop on exploring the role of each individual members in the YPFDJ organisation with reference to the aims and goals of the organisation.

bitsay Sirak Bahlbi from Embassy Eritrea Scandinavia, bitsay Filmon Teklai Chairman of YPFDJ Skara/Lidkoping Chapter welcomed the National Conference.

Professor Emeritus Mehari Ghebremedhin  presented to the gathering an engaging presentation where he addressed different aspects of building a professional and conscious society with special attention to the youth.  He went on to briefly address the basic nature of the human mind and its role in creating the right conditions to work professionally in society; and finally he described methods organisations such us YPFDJ need to develop and understand to fully capitalise on the unique and energetic nature of the organisations.

The conference also organised separate educational program with bitsay Natnael Amanuel for the Hidri Group where they discussed the Eritrean struggle for independence.

bitsay Sirak Bahlbi presented the National Work Program framework under the title ‘Nation Building in the Ever changing world order’ where all Organisations in Diaspora including YPFDJ need to focus for the coming year.

The conference conducted several workshop discussion on the theme of the conference and other pertinent topics. Discussions on workshops were aiming the alignment of members personal and organisational goals.

The YPFDJ Sweden National Board have held meeting with all participating local YPFDJ chapters and addressed issues specific to their needs and the work program of the organisation for the coming year.

YPFDJ Sweden Conference:

  • on the basis of the YPFDJ by-laws and other pertinent documents, have addressed the needs of all local chapters present and listened to objective reality faced by members and chapter leaders

  • discussed the current reality of our nation and agreed to routinely deepen our knowledge and fight against injustice directed on our nation

  • agreed the overriding priority of our nation is to expressly and defiantly engage against any hostilities being committed against our nation

  • agreed to continually explore the tools to enhance professionalism and consciousness of members and wider Eritrean society by adopting organisational competence required by organisations such as YPFDJ

  • discussed and adopted the YPFDJ Sweden work plan by enhancing the knowledge and priorities of the organisation

  • reiterated the need to reach out to all Eritrean youth in Sweden by forming new local chapters and strengthening current chapters to fulfill the goals of the organisation

  • agreed to work diligently on making successful projects such as Biddho Tour, YPFDJ Europe Annual Conference, to ensure building the strong, dynamic and patriotic youth movement to serve the Eritrean Youth and our nation

  • agreed to be the focal point for making Professional contribution by working with our counterpart youth organisation NUEYS and organise projects in Eritrea that directly benefits our citizens residing in our homeland

  • notice the increasing impact on our positive engagement in Social Media to depict the true image of Eritrea and agreed to significantly increase our engagement to thwart the hostilities and Fake News being disseminated about Eritrea in Social Media

  • understand the need to engage with political and social institutions in Sweden to advocate for the interest of Eritrea and work with youth organisations from the Horn of Africa to play our role in bringing peace, development and prosperity in our region

  • agreed to intensify consciousness raising activities to increase critical thinking and knowledge of world affairs in general and our nation in particular

  • agreed to hold YPFDJ Sweden wide conference next year in Gävle/Sandviken.

Eternal Remembrance for our Martyrs

Awet nHafash

YPFDJ Sweden Board

29 October 2017

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