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Eritrea for mobile viewing Revolution continues as Sudanese red sea port workers go on strike

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Date: Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Revolution continues as Sudanese red sea port workers go on strike


Sea port workers of the eastern Sudanese Red Sea province supported the country’s ongoing revolution by going on strike, protesting corruption and demanding civilian rule.

A political activist, Mohamed Al-Zaki, says that unlike Sudan’s earlier revolutions, protests started in the peripheries as opposed to the centre, specifically in the eastern province of the Red Sea and its ports.

“Port Sudan is among the first to participate in this revolution. It has a large and inspirational role, along with other states like al-Damazeen and Niyala. We can say that the revolution was launched from the edges of Sudan, and was later transported to the centre. This is opposed to the earlier revolutions, which started first from the centre and then spread to the edges of Sudan,” Al-Zaki added.

Port Sudan is among the first to participate in this revolution. It has a large and inspirational role.

Workers of the Sea Ports Corporation gathered at the headquarters, assembling outside the building, chanting and waving banners.

A member of the Sea Ports Corporation also said that the port has managed to bring in 9 million Euros since the 22nd and 23rd of March.

Sudan’s main protest group called for a general strike on Tuesday saying two late-night negotiation sessions with the military had failed to reach a deal on how to lead the country after the overthrow of former president Omar al-Bashir.

“A lot of countries observe the strategic issue of the Red Sea. They try to seize the ports for their own benefits, in order to meet its own strategic goal. They enter through the ports of the weak-hearted. Thank God, we are able to improve our condition. We ask the Military Council’s new government, which has put the agreement on hold (agreement allowing a company from the Philippines to purchase the southern port), to cancel the agreement. We want it to cancel the agreement,” said Head of Communications, Sea ports Corporation, sami Al-Sayegh.

Bashir, the former Islamist general under whose rule Sudan was placed on a U.S. list of sponsors of terrorism, was ousted by the army after months of protests against soaring prices, cash shortages and other economic hardships.


Sudan's 48-hour national strike: Flights disrupted, offices shut

Sudan's 48-hour national strike: Flights disrupted, offices shut


A two-day general strike in Sudan started in the wee hours of Tuesday morning with public services largely grounded across the country, multiple reports have shown.

The latest move is a resort being used by the protest leaders to push for a civilian-led transition. The country is in a state of flux since April 11 when the military ousted long-serving Omar Al-Bashir.

A significant effect of the action is the paralyzing of airports with staff having joined the strike call. Travelers have been left stranded in the wake of the compliance.

Hours to the start of the action, several government-run institutions expressed their support with activists posting photos and statements to that effect on social media platforms.

The protest movement has in the past applied a series of measures including the strikes, mass protests – that were usually clamped down on and the infamous sit-in at the army headquarters in Khartoum.

The sit-ins and subsequent road blocks in key parts of the capital were largely the final nail in the coffin of Bashir. He was arrested after being deposed and is held at a maximum security jail.

May 24 call for protests

Last Friday (May 25), the Alliance for Freedom and Change, a loose coalition of parties, civil society groups and professional bodies, called for the campaign of civil disobedience.

It seeks to pile more pressure on the army, which it accuses of deliberately frustrating the power transfer talks. The campaign received backing from most members of the alliance.

Sudan’s main opposition al Ummah party, rejected it saying it was badly timed and risked worsening tensions with the ruling military council.

The head of the Military Council, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, concluded trips to Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and South Sudan in an apparent effort to seek backing for the junta.

Talks between the military and protesters remain deadlocked with no breakthrough over the composition of the sovereign council which will be set up to manage the transition.

The protesters have accused the army of resorting to violence to break the sit-in at the defence ministry headquarters.

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