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Why U.S. Is Committed to Conquering Russia Before It Conquers China

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Date: Thursday, 17 November 2022

Why U.S. Is Committed to Conquering Russia Before It Conquers China

Eric Zuesse

On November 13th, Medea Benjamin and Nicholas J.L. Davies headlined “CONGRESSIONAL AMENDMENT OPENS FLOODGATES FOR WAR PROFITEERS AND A MAJOR GROUND WAR ON RUSSIA” and reported that a bipartisan “amendment sailed through the Armed Services Committee in mid-October and, if it becomes law [which it almost certainly and overwhelmingly will, since it’s backed by America’s military-industrial complex, which also funds the careers of members of Congress], the Department of Defense will be allowed to lock in multi-year contracts and award non-competitive contracts to arms manufacturers for Ukraine-related weapons.” It continued: “Looking at the weapons list, military analyst and retired Marine Colonel Mark Cancian noted: ‘This isn’t replacing what we’ve given [Ukraine]. It’s building stockpiles for a major ground war [with Russia] in the future. This is not the list you would use for China. For China we’d have a very different list.’

IN OTHER WORDS: the U.S. Congress is going to pass legislation to open the floodgates for weapons specifically to defeat Russia in Ukraine, and NOT for weapons to defeat China in Taiwan. Think about that, for just a moment:

The U.S. public had had favorable pre-war attitudes to both China and Russia until U.S. President Barack Obama’s Administration overthrew and replaced the democratically elected President of Ukraine in 2014 (in a coup that was hidden behind anti-corruption popular demonstrations that had been organized starting in 2011 by the U.S. CIA and Department of State and with the donations by U.S.-and-allied billionaires). Its ‘news’-media afterward engineered the U.S. public increasingly to support regime-change against both Russia and China, so that, by now, both China and Russia are viewed by the public as being enemies of America, which had not been the case prior to 2014 (Obama’s Ukraine coup). Whereas in 2012, Gallup found Americans rated Russia 51% “Favorable” 42% “Unfavorable”, that became, by 2022, 15% “Favorable” and 85% “Unfavorable” — all due to the rampant lying in the major media (such as Britain’s Guardian, very popular among Democratic Party voters, headlining on 12 November 2022, "Biden and Xi condemn Russian nuclear threats”, which is such a baldfaced lie that any intelligent reader who so much as just looks at what the article actually says finds easily that it is no such thing, because Xi isn’t quoted there as saying ANYTHING against Russia, (and, actually, though the U.S. has threatened first-use of nuclear weapons — and has policy to allow that — Russia never has, but instead has a detailed policy AGAINST doing so.) (Most of the lies in U.S. media, however, aren’t quite so blatant as that.) And, furthermore, Gallup in 2018 found that Americans rated China 53% “Favorable” and 45% “Unfavorable”, but by 2022 that became 20% “Favorable” and 79% “Unfavorable”not due to anything that China had done, but ONLY to the U.S. regime’s media (which might as well be owned by Lockheed Martin etc.).

The U.S. Government has been very careful NOT to make public whether it intends to overthrow and replace Russia’s Government first, or China’s Government first. What is the U.S. regime’s actual strategy? You can’t find it in their publications. (That is another sign of the Government’s being a dictatorship, no democracy. Obviously, the Government is controlled by its aristocracy, behind the scenes, and their ‘news’-media and academics follow through on this, to deceive the mass-public, in such a ‘democracy’. This is why, after 2014, there has been such a stunning rise in the percentage of Americans who consider Russia and China to be enemies.)

On November 12th, I explained the rationale why the U.S. Government is planning to conquer Russia before it conquers China.

We will learn it not as-if America were a democracy — in which the majority of its public are its rulers — but instead by the actual actions by this regime: such as this bill, which soon will pass in Congress and be signed into law by the regime’s President. And what this action, by the U.S. regime will tell us, unmistakably, is that the regime’s plan is to overthrow and replace Putin before it overthrows and replaces Xi.

The U.S. regime hides behind a ‘democratic’ facade because its leaders are constantly changing, they’re all just agents for America’s aristocracy, its billionaires, and are interchangeable, but that has happened also in many other dictatorships throughout history; and, so, a dictatorship isn’t identified by its ‘leader’ but instead by its Deep State, which always is a class of people, the nation’s aristocracy, which is identifiable NOT by mere titles (President, Senator, Lord, Duke, etc.) but by its top wealth-class or “billionaires,” who fund its winning politicians’ careers and pull the strings behind the scenes, to control their Government. (It’s their Government — NOT ours. We are its subjects — not its citizens.) A mere title of ‘Nobility’ is nothing; if a country is an aristocracy, the cash (not the public) is everything. It hires the agents to do its will. That’s what makes it an “aristocracy.” The words (“Sir,” “Lord,” “Duke,” etc.) don’t.

What the Jack Reed and Jim Imhoff bill in Congress (soon to be law) clearly indicates is that the regime’s strategy is to conquer Russia before it conquers China.

In a previous article (the one on November 12th), I have supplied more detail behind this strategy, explaining WHY the conquest of Russia must come BEFORE the conquest of China, in order for the U.S. regime to stand much likelihood of conquering EITHER nation.

China’s leaders know this. Therefore, if a Russian victory against America in the battlefields of Ukraine gets into any very serious trouble, China will need to make unambiguously clear that it will support Russia to the hilt, to the end, no matter what; and, then, in that case, the WW III that Obama began in 2014 would reach the precipice of possibly becoming a global nuclear war, because, then, the U.S. regime will have to choose whether to follow through on its plan to initiate a global nuclear war in order to preserve its global dominance and continue growing to completion its all-encompassing worldwide empire.

It’s all based on the (post-FDR) U.S. regime’s nazism, which mirrors that of Ukraine. But it was started by America on 25 July 1945, by Harry S. Truman, upon the advice of his hero, General Dwight Eisenhower, and with the passionate support by Winston Churchill. They took up Hitler’s fallen banner, but in an English version that Cecil Rhodes had been the first to come up with, in 1877


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