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[A MUST LISTEN / WATCH INTERVIEW -- VIDEO - KPFA RADIO] LETTERS & POLITICS - INTERVIEW WITH VLADIMIR PUTIN'S BIOGRAPHER PHILIP SHORT [NOTE: THE BOOKS TITLE IS "PUTIN: A BIOGRAPHY" - *** KPFA, which was launched in launched in 1949, is an American listener-funded talk radio and music radio station located in Berkeley, California, broadcasting to the San Francisco Bay Area. KPFA airs public news, public affairs, talk, and music programming.The website is ""]

Posted by: sam abrams

Date: Thursday, 19 January 2023

ደሴት ናኹራ - ጉዕዞ ካብ ራስ ዱሜራ ክሳብ ራስ ቄሳር - ደሴታትን ገማግም ባሕርን ሃገርና - 5ይ ክፋል - ERi-TV