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RFK Jr.’s Campaign Collapsing Over Israel Issue

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Date: Tuesday, 08 August 2023

RFK Jr.’s Campaign Collapsing Over Israel Issue

Eric Zuesse (blogs at

The only Presidential candidate in either Party who proclaims himself to be against Biden’s determination to conquer (regime-change) both Russia and China, is RFK Jr., who has, by now, committed himself also to insisting that Israel is NOT an apartheid nation, and that Israel’s military NEVER targets non-combatants, and that Israel is a democracy not only for Jews there but also for Arabs there, and that Iran must be regime-changed in order to protect Israel.

RFK Jr. appears to have great passion and personal conviction for all of these pro-Israeli and anti-Palestinian and anti-Iranian views, which seem inconsistent with one-another. On the one hand, he pretends that America has a moral necessity to go to war against Iran if need-be in order to protect Israel; and, on the other hand, that America must avoid all wars (such as in Ukraine and in Taiwan) that aren’t necessary in order to protect the American people. He hasn’t said why he thinks that America has an existential national-security interest in protecting Israel.

He insists that a President must use the military ONLY to protect the American people, but that in the case of Israel, America’s President has a separate and independent obligation to protect Israel’s people — or at least Israel’s Jewish population. But he never says why. 

The progressive and consistently anti-imperialistic American Jew Max Blumenthal is one of America’s best investigative journalists and also happens to disagree strongly with RFK Jr. about both Israel and Iran — and Palestinians — and is requesting RFK Jr. to do an interview with him, as RFK Jr. has already done with numerous other journalists. RFK Jr. took him up on that offer, but then, without explanation, changed his mind and rejected it.

This interview, if it never occurs (the very lack of it), will sink his campaign. If it will occur, then it could sink his campaign, but maybe it won’t, and maybe it would help him if he shows an intellectual virtue which until now he has appeared not to have, which is an open mind — one that’s able to change when it encounters realities that contradict it. If he continues to say no to Blumenthal’s request, then he’s far less intelligent than a lot of people have thought he is — because that decision could actually destroy his entire campaign by exposing his internal inconsistencies, which will then become an open and growing wound on his campaign that will bleed it to death.

He claims to be opposed to censorship; but, if he continues to say no to a journalist of Blumenthal’s calibre, then he’s censoring-out from his campaign any credible progressive information and viewpoint regarding Israel, and the issue of Israel will then grow and grow in his campaign, until it either sinks him or else frees him to project a rational and internally consistent position (something he doesn’t now have) — a positon that he’ll be able honestly to defend. To continue to say no would be pouring contempt upon all who — like myself until now — have been supporting his candidacy. We will not be treated with such contempt coming from a candidate whom we support — a candidate who claims that truth is his only guide, but who displays that that assertion about himself is actually itself a lie.

One can see and hear RFK Jr. now losing any chance to win the Democratic nomination unless he’ll do this interview and aces it — with an honest position on Israel. Posted here below is a 24-minute video that makes this point very clearly — he’ll need to change his position on Israel in order to stand any realistic chance of becoming the Democratic Party’s Presidential nominee, and he will have to do this very soon:


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