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The U.S. Government's Nazi-Like Arrogance

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Date: Monday, 14 August 2023

The U.S. Government’s Nazi-Like Arrogance

Eric Zuesse (blogs at

The U.S. Government presumes that it, and NOT the United Nations, is the ultimate moral authority regarding international affairs, and that any Government which believes otherwise, must be overthrown and replaced, in order to be or become a democracy and to serve the interests of that nation’s people. It presumes that the U.S. Government — and NOT the nation’s own Government (regardless of what the U.S. Government might happen to think of it) — is the entity that ought to determine what does, and what does not, serve the interests of the people inside that country. 

How can the United Nations accept such an internationally dictatorial Government as this? But it does. The United Nations is thus a sell-out to it if it does not publicly condemn that nation — which it does not. It must, but the present Secretary General of the U.N. refuses to do his duty: to re-assert the U.N.’s being the ONLY authority on what is, and what is not, “international law” — not to assert what it is or isn’t, but that ONLY the U.N. and its agencies possess the authority to assert that. The U.S. Government does NOT possess any such authority, but pretends that it does.

An example will now be provided to display the blatancy of the U.S. Government’s demand to rule the world and to eviscerate the U.N.’s exclusive authority over international laws (the laws between nations, NOT in nations):

The head of the U.S. Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee is the chief person whom the U.S. Constitution empowers to represent the American people regarding international agreements and disagreements. Article IX, section 1 of the U.S. Constitution asserts: “The Senate of the United States shall have power to make treaties, and to appoint Ambassadors, and Judges of the Supreme Court.” NOT the U.S. President, but the U.S. Senate — and, inside the U.S. Senate, the Chair person of its Foreign Relations Committee represents the opinions of that entire body. This individual is currently the Democratic Party’s intensely neoconservative, pro-U.S.-empire, senior Senator from the state of New Jersey, Robert Menendez.

On August 8th, he wrote a letter to the President of Kyrgyzstan — a small country that borders between two countries that border Russia, China and Kazakhstan, and that was a part of the Soviet Union during the period 1919-1991. This is a country in which, according to a poll that was published on 19 December 2013 by Gallup, the residents there were asked “Did the breakup of the Soviet Union benefit or harm this country?” and they answered 16% “Benefit.” and 61% “Harm.” So: the public in that nation — a nation which is near to Russia — strongly support Russia. Menendez wrote to its President, “I write to you with deep concern regarding allegations of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic’s assistance to the Russian Federation, or its proxies, in evading international sanctions, imposed with respect to Russia’s unlawful invasion of Ukraine. … I am also concerned that the Kyrgyz Republic’s failure to uphold international sanctions reflects the alarming erosion in democratic governance and extensive human rights violations occurring in the country.

Under the U.N.’s international law, there are no “international sanctions” except as provided for under Article 41 of the U.N.’s Charter, which Charter doesn’t so much as even mention the word “sanctions” but does say there: ”The Security Council may decide what measures not involving the use of armed force are to be employed to give effect to its decisions, and it may call upon the Members of the United Nations to apply such measures. These may include complete or partial interruption of economic relations and of rail, sea, air, postal, telegraphic, radio, and other means of communication, and the severance of diplomatic relations.” In other words: international sanctions that are enforceable under international law can be produced ONLY by, and upon approval by, all five permanent members of the Security Council, and that have then become affirmed by a majority of the members of the General Assembly — THESE AND ONLY THESE are internationally enforceable international sanctions. Such internationally enforceable sanctions have occasionally been passed such as against Iraq for its 1990 invasion of Kuwait, etc., but NOT America’s sanctions against Russia. They are not internationally enforceable under international law. They are enforceable ONLY under U.S. law — and that is NOT “international law.”

Furthermore: that U.S. Senator’s phrase “Russia’s unlawful invasion of Ukraine” is also a lie, as I demonstrated under the headline “The Lying Propaganda-Phrase “Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine”. As I showed there: If U.S. President JFK in the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis was acting in accord with the U.N.’s Charter when he threatened to invade Cuba and maybe the Soviet Union unless Soviet missiles would not be placed into Cuba — an adjoining country to the U.S. — then even more so Russia is acting in accord with the U.N’s Charter when it threatened to and then did invade Ukraine in order to prevent U.S. missiles from becoming placed in Ukraine. This was an essential defensive action by Russia’s Government, even more so than was the prevention of Soviet missiles from being placed into Cuba. Whereas Ukraine is only 317 miles away from Russia’s central command in Moscow, Cuba was 1,331 miles away from America’s central command in Washington DC.

The U.S. Government has already proven its objective for regime-change in (conquest of) Russia by, in 2014, perpetrating a coup against and overthrowing Ukraine’s Government and replacing it with a rabidly anti-Russian one. NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was entirely correct when he stated recently that Ukraine’s war started in February 2014, not in 2022. As he said on 9 May 2023, “The war started in 2014.” He even was explicit that “You have to remember that the war didn’t start in 2022” (which was when Russia responded on 24 February 2022 by invading Ukraine).  Consequently, despite the lies by Menendez and others that the war in Ukraine started in February 2022, it actually started in February 2014, and Russia has been doing all it possibly could up to 24 February 2022 to avoid having to take over Ukraine’s government if need-be in order to prevent U.S. missiles from possibly becoming placed in Ukraine only 317 miles away from The Kremlin.

The persistent and arrogant violator of international law is the U.S. Government, not Russia’s Government. Right now, the U.S. Government is trying to force Kyrgyzstan to join the U.S. Government’s sanctions against Russia. But those are ONLY America’s laws, NOT international laws. Kyrgyzstan has every right to say no to this international bully.

On June 7th, the excellent geostrategic analyst Andrew Korybko headlined “A Second Front Was Almost Opened Against Russia In Central Asia”, and he reported that on June 6th, the second U.S. coup-attempt this year to overthrow and replace Kyrgyzstan’s Government was thwarted by the Russian and Kyrgyz Governments, and that these U.S. attempts had aimed to intensify the economic harms to Russia in the ongoing U.S.-and-allied war against Russia in the battlefields of Ukraine.

Senator Menendez’s letter to the Kyrgyz President also asserted: “In the face of potential threats from Russia, the United States remains steadfast in our support of upholding the sovereignty and independence of nations like the Kyrgyz Republic.” He expressed his concern about “upholding the sovereignty and independence of nations like the Kyrgyz Republic” after already two unsuccessful U.S. coup-attempts this year to overthrow him. The letter continued: “Your government has weakened institutions, repeatedly violated the rights of journalists and independent media, harassed human rights defenders, and placed restrictions on civil society actors. A once shining beacon of democracy in Central Asia, the Kyrgyz Republic is headed down a dangerous path toward autocracy.”

He closed: “Your government’s commitment to these matters is critical for the security and prosperity of the Kyrgyz people. We look forward to receiving your prompt response.”

The United States Government is now threatening the Government of Kyrgyzstan so as to get it to join America’s long war (ever since 25 July 1945) to take over the Government of Russia, and all of this is in violation of — instead of enforcement of — international law.


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