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For the first time, RFK Jr. now polls at 24% for the U.S. Presidency.

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Date: Wednesday, 08 November 2023

For the first time, RFK Jr. now polls at 24% for the U.S. Presidency.

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A new poll in five toss-up states, by Siena College, commissioned by and published on November 7th in the New York Times, shows that if on 5 November 2024 the U.S. Presidential ballot will list on its Presidential line not only Joe Biden and Donald Trump, but also Robert F. Kennedy Jr, then Biden would, as-of now, get 33%, Trump, 35%, and Kennedy 24%, which 24% is by far the highest percentage that has yet been shown for Kennedy in the polls for the prior hypothetical Democratic Party primary contest that would show on the ballot Biden and Kennedy but (since that would be a Democratic Party primary, instead of the general election) not Trump. In those earlier Biden-versus-Kennedy polls, Kennedy was polling at from 15% to 20%, and Biden at around 60%. This Sienna poll is the first that’s three-way (Biden, Trump, Kennedy), and — showing Kennedy at 24% — it indicates that Kennedy stands a possibility of winning the Presidency running as an independent.

Consequently, unless the Democratic and Republican Parties will succeed in their efforts to exclude from the 5 November 2024 ballots (and from the debates) any third Presidential candidate that might possibly win who has not been appointed by either of the two Parties — and if the two Parties also won’t succeed at blocking Kennedy’s ballot-access in enough states so that Kennedy won’t be able to win the Presidency — then all that Kennedy would need to do in order to win the Presidency would be to draw off from Biden’s current 33%, and from Trump’s current 35%, enough supporters so as to gain an additional 9% or more, in order to win a third (33%) or more of the total votes cast and counted, which then would give him a possibility of becoming the next President.

Here was the crucial portion of the detailed poll-report, “Cross-Tabs: October 2023 Times/Siena Poll of the 2024 Battlegrounds”:

“IF NEEDED: If you had to decide today, are you leaning toward one candidate?”

Joe Biden, Democrat 33%

Donald Trump, Republican 35%

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Independent 24%

Biden there is getting 50% of the Blacks, and Trump is getting 40% of the Whites (by contrast, Kennedy’s voters show as being remarkably even, around 24% across all three ethnic groups tabulated: Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics), and this is interesting because both Trump and Biden opposed implementation of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Brown versus Board of Education decision, which mandated the end of racial segreagation in the schools. Trump and his father opposed it because they were in real estate and the profits in that line of investment are higher with red-lining and other forms of commercial discrimination. Biden led the Democrats in the U.S. Senate that were cooperating with Jesse Helms who led the Republicans against it. Their tactic was to be opposing obligatory (race-conscious) school-bussing of students, which (bussing) would have been the only available way to achieve racial integration other than by the Government’s mandating that Whites sell their homes only to Blacks, and Blacks sell theirs only to Whites so as to achieve integration of neighborhoods (and consequently of schools) — which Congresspeople knew would have been a non-starter. Opposition to school bussing was thus the way to block implementation of the Brown-v-Board decision, and Biden was a leading Senate opponent of that school bussing. So: this way, the opponents to “mandatory bussing” of students were able to prevent racial integration — they blocked implementation of the Brown v. Board of Education decision — while not obviously being (and serving) racists.

The big chance that Senator Bernie Sanders had had in the 2020 Democratic Party primaries against Biden was for Sanders to have stated publicly in South Carolina that Biden (who lied to Blacks by saying that he had been a leading Senate supporter of desegregation) had led Democrats in the U.S. Senate to block implementation of the Brown versus Board of Education decision mandating the end of segregation in the schools, but Sanders refused to do that; and, so, Biden, whose support among Blacks in the crucial South Carolina primary was enormous, was able to keep his racism secret from Blacks, and as a result he got almost all of the Black vote there and swamped Sanders in that crucial primary and then in the immediately following days all across the South, also among Blacks on Super Tuesday and straight into the Party’s Presidential nomination. But RFK Jr. won’t have to do like Sanders did, because Kennedy is now running as an independent. So, that 50% of the Black vote for Biden won’t necessarily hold if Kennedy plays political hardball and exposes Biden as the liar that he has always been. And if he thereby knocks Biden’s current 33% down 6% to 27%, and also knocks Trump’s 35% down 4% to 31%, and raises his own 24% up 10% to 34%, then despite the two billionaire-controlled U.S. Parties, he might win. It wouldn’t be likely, but it would be possible.


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