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Netanyahu under pressure over Gaza

Posted by: The Conversation

Date: Thursday, 16 November 2023

As Israel has carried out its military operation against Hamas over the past five weeks – first with airstrikes, and now a ground operation – the United States has stood resolutely by its side. But, as Middle East expert Ian Parmeter writes, there are now signs of tension emerging between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government and the Biden administration.

When Israeli troops first encircled Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, US President Joe Biden made his concerns known, saying “hospitals must be protected”. Troops are now reported to have entered the hospital, leading to ever growing pressure for steps to be taken to manage the humanitarian disaster in Gaza. Some of this is coming from the US, which is increasingly concerned about rising civilian casualties and an apparent lack of an exit strategy. Biden and Netanyahu may be on a collision course, Parmeter says.

The UK supreme court yesterday ruled against the British government’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda. Five judges said the deportation plan could lead to refugees being returned to their countries of origin where they risk facing persecution. Devyani Prahbat explains what happens next.

Justin Bergman

International Affairs Editor

As calls grow louder for a Gaza ceasefire, Netanyahu is providing few clues about his strategy or post-war plans

Ian Parmeter, Australian National University

With so many questions left unanswered, there is a growing disconnect between Netanyahu and the Biden administration in the US.

Supreme court rules Rwanda plan unlawful: a legal expert explains the judgment, and what happens next

Devyani Prabhat, University of Bristol

Leaving the European convention on human rights would not automatically make the Rwanda plan lawful or easier to implement.

Birds’ nests express their unique style and past experiences

Ben Whittaker, University of Alberta; Lauren Guillette, University of Alberta

Birds’ nest-building skills are informed by their environment and experiences, and nests can reflect the individual styles of their builders.

The universe is expanding faster than theory predicts – physicists are searching for new ideas that might explain the mismatch

Ryan Keeley, University of California, Merced

The universe is expanding faster than physicists would expect. To figure out what processes underlie this fast expansion rate, some researchers are first trying to rule out what processes can’t.


Dr. Fikrejesus Amahazion at the XXIX International Rosa Luxemburg Conference in Berlin on January

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