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NBC News: Biden Aims to Force China to Invade Taiwan

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Date: Thursday, 21 December 2023

NBC News: Biden Aims to Force China to Invade Taiwan

Eric Zuesse (blogs at

NBC News reported on December 20th that

Xi told Biden in a group meeting [at the November 25th APEC Summit in San Francisco] attended by a dozen American and Chinese officials, that China’s preference is to take Taiwan peacefully, not by force, the officials said. ...

Chinese officials … [had] asked in advance of the summit that Biden make a public statement after the meeting saying that the United States supports China’s goal of peaceful unification with Taiwan and does not support Taiwanese independence, they said. The White House rejected the Chinese request.

The Biden Administration is arming and encouraging Taiwan to declare independence from China though this violates America’s signed promise in 1972, to China’s Government, that the U.S. Government acknowledges and agrees with China that “Taiwan is a part of China. The United States Government does not challenge that position.” However, now that China has the world’s largest economy, the U.S. Government can’t tolerate peace with China but wants a war between China and its province Taiwan, to serve the U.S. regime as a pretext, an excuse, to invade China if and when Taiwan announces its independence from China (which the U.S. Government has been constantly encouraging for the past few years); and (America’s billionaires hope) America would then invade China, so as to conquer and obtain control over the world’s biggest economy, which since 2015 has been and is China. That U.S. invasion of China for ‘democracy’ in Taiwan, would be WW III, and it would start as a non-nuclear war by China’s destroying U.S. forces in China’s region so as to halt America’s grab of the Chinese province of Taiwan. America would then strike back, by unleashing its nuclear forces against China; and, at that point, there would be a nuclear war in which America and its allies (possibly including South Korea, Japan, and Australia) would be pitted against China and its allies (possibly including Russia).

Biden at the APEC Summit was indirectly telling Xi that America no longer has any intention of keeping to its promise made in 1972 but instead wants Taiwan to declare independence so that America will have an excuse to invade China after China has invaded Taiwan to put down that rebellion by the residents of Taiwan.

So, when on November 25th, Biden refused Xi’s request to endorse a peaceful replacement of the current U.S. stooge government over Taiwan by China’s Government, it was effectively saying to China’s Government, that though the 1972 U.S.-China agreement favored a peaceful reunification of Taiwan with China — exactly the thing that Biden on November 25th has now refused to reaffirm — America wants instead to conquer China, and will therefore no longer consider itself to be bound by its promise that the U.S. made to China in 1972.

That promise made in 1972 was made at that time because America’s billionaires who fund U.S. politicians’ careers needed cheap Chinese labor to be competing against U.S. workers in order to drive wages for U.S. workers down and profits for U.S. billionaires up. The deal with China at that time was to allow trade with China to be opened so as to increase the wealth of U.S. billionaires, and China’s price for this agreement was for the U.S. Government to cease-and-desist from the U.S. Government’s insistence up till 1972 that the residents on Taiwan were NOT Chinese. America’s billionaires now are more interested in boosting profits of U.S. weapons-manufacturers that they control than they are in forcing U.S. wages to go further down. Since U.S. billionaires control the U.S. Government, this change-of-policy by the U.S. Government is very understandable. The priorities of U.S. billionaires have changed; and, so, America’s policies have likewise changed, so as to represent those changed priorities by the people who congtrol the U.S. Government. (The NBC news-report did not provide this context; it comes instead from historian Eric Zuesse’s report about that news-report, so as to place the event that it reported into its relevant and appropriate historical context.)


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