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Poll: RFK Jr. Favorability Rating Dwarfs Any Other Candidate’s

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Date: Sunday, 14 January 2024

Poll: RFK Jr. Favorability Rating Dwarfs Any Other Candidate’s

Eric Zuesse (blogs at

The latest poll of Favorability/Unfavorability ratings for each of America’s leading candidates for the U.S. Presidency was taken by Gallup during December 1-20 of 2023 and published by them on January 9th; and it showed the following results:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

52 Favorable

34 Unfavorable

14 No opinion

Donald Trump

42 Favorable

57 Unfavorable

2 No opinion

Joe Biden

41 Favorable

58 Unfavorable

0 No opinion

Nikki Haley

33 Favorable

34 Unfavorable

33 No opinion

Ron DeSantis

32 Favorable

52 Unfavorable

16 No opinion

The Favorable/Unfavorable ratios for each were:






The net favorability (Favorable minus Unfavorable) for each were:

Kennedy= +18

Trump= -15

Biden= -17

Haley= +1

DeSantis= -20

On 17 September 2023, I headlined “Latest Net-Favorability Ratings of U.S. Presidential Candidates” and reported that Kennedy had consistently had higher net-favorability ratings than did any other declared or likely entrant into the Presidential contest. The latest Gallup poll is in line with those earlier polls.

It is by now clear that if America were a democracy (or a “democratic republic”), then Kennedy would become the next U.S. President. 


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