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Putin just exposed an evil lie by Blinken.

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Date: Thursday, 15 February 2024

Putin just exposed an evil lie by Blinken.

Eric Zuesse (blogs at

Here is the passage from the transcript of Putin’s February 14th interview by Russian journalist Pavel Zarubin:

Pavel Zarubin: Carlson said that after the interview… I wanted to ask you a question so that we can put the doubt to rest. Carlson said that after the interview your conversation continued. What did you discuss? Now everyone wants to know.

Vladimir Putin: As I have already said, and as far as I can see, he had a plan for the interview and he stuck to it. But there were other topics too that had to be raised, in my opinion. Still, I decided not to inject new topics into our conversation without being prompted to do so by the journalist.

During the taped part of the interview, we should have discussed efforts to use inter-ethnic relations and the Jewish pogroms in the Russian Empire as a way of denigrating and demonising Russia. One of the subjects we discussed when the cameras were turned off was what US Secretary of State, Mr Blinken, mentioned on several occasions. He said that his relatives, his great-grandfather, fled the Jewish pogroms and left Russia.

This topic keeps surfacing across the world, in Europe and in the United States. Let me reiterate that it is being used to demonise and discredit Russia and to demonstrate that it is home to barbaric, cruel people and outlaws. However, we can clarify many issues if we try to understand what today’s US Secretary of State actually said and if we look beyond political slogans by focusing on the substance.

All this information is in our archives. For example, Mr Blinken’s great-grandfather did leave the Russian Empire. I think that he was born somewhere in the Poltava Province, and then moved to Kiev before emigrating. This raises the following question: does Mr Blinken think that Kiev and the surrounding territories are historically Russian land? This is my first point here.

Second, if he says that his great-grandfather left Russia to escape the Jewish pogroms, this, at least, means, and I would like to stress this point, that in 1904, since this is when Mr Blinken’s great-grandfather left Kiev for the United States, Ukraine did not exist – this is what he seems to believe. This way, Mr Blinken seems to share our views. That said, he should have refrained from saying so in public. This could undermine his cause.

Putin pointed out that Antony Blinken, the Biden State Department’s Secretary of State, can’t logically have it both of those self-contradictory ways: Either Blinken’s grandfather was fleeing from anti-Semitism in Ukraine or he was fleeing from anti-Semitism in Russia. If he was fleeing from anti-Semitism in Ukraine, then Blinken is lying to say that his grandfather was fleeing from anti-Semitism in Russia, and Blinken was presumably doing this in order to increase public hostility against today’s Russia, which he certainly knows isn’t the same as was the Tsar’s Russia, much less was 1904 Russia the communist Russia that followed it, and even less is it the post-communist Russia, which we have today. So: that would be, from Blinken, an evil lie, a slander, against today’s Russia, which Mr. Blinken, America’s Secretary of Stte, was using in order to blame 1904 Russia for what was actually 1904 Ukraine. Today’s Russians would take great offense from such an evil lie, such a vile mischaracterization of today’s Russia.

On the other hand, if Blinken’s grandfather fled ffrom Kiev to America in 1904 and Kiev was part of Russia instead of part of Ukraine, then Antony Blinken is saying that Ukraine didn’t exist in 1904 but was instead a part of Russia then (and so the Biden Government’s aim of controlling today’s Ukraine would be an American territorial grab of a ‘country’ that was arguably a part of Russia). Antony Blinken strongly supports Ukraine’s war against Russia and against Russian-speakers in what had been Ukraine prior to Barack Obama’s coup in February 2014 grabbed control over Ukraine to add it to the U.S. empire so as to use it in order to get it into NATO to become the staging-area for U.S. missiles to be placed there a mere 317 miles away from The Kremlin in Moscow. But does ANY of that give Mr. Blinken a right to defame today’s Russia for what was actually the anti-Semitism of 1904’s Ukraine? Hardly.

On 30 November 2020, during Blinken’s first year as America’s Secretary of State, the website “Ukrainian Jewish Encounter” headlined “Yiddish and the Ukrainian–Jewish roots of the new U.S. Secretary of State” and opened:

When Joe Biden is sworn in as the new President of the U.S., an important member of his government will be Antony (Tony) Blinken, who has been chosen as the next secretary of state. Tony Blinken has longstanding ties with Ukraine, and not just because he oversaw the situation in Ukraine after the Maidan in 2014–2016 in the Obama administration.

Meir Blinken, Tony Blinken’s great-grandfather, was born in 1879 in Pereiaslav, the birthplace of the famous Yiddish writer Sholem Aleichem. During his childhood, Meir had a Jewish education at the Talmud-Torah, a religious elementary school.

[A map is shown there indicating that the school was “89.4 km” or 55 miles road-distance from Kyiv.]

In the late 1890s, Meir studied at the Kyivan Commercial College, which was built as part of a joint educational project undertaken by Ukrainian and Jewish businessmen. The college’s main sponsor was the Kyivan millionaire and philanthropist Lev Brodsky. In Kyiv, Meir Blinken mastered the professions of cabinetmaker, carpenter, and even massage therapist.

His son, Moritz (1900–1986), who was the grandfather of Tony Blinken, the future American lawyer and businessman, was also born in Kyiv.

If Ukraine would like to present a souvenir to the next U.S. secretary of state, it could be the recently discovered archival documents about his ancestors: civil registration records from the book of the Rabbinate of Pereiaslav and Kyiv for Meir and Moritz, as well as the Blinken family page from the document collection of the census of the population of Kyiv in 1897.

When Meir was 25 years old, he and his young family moved to the U.S., a tiny drop in the flood of 105,000 Jews who arrived in America in 1904. There he opened a private massage office on East Broadway.

This district was filled with the bustling life and Yiddish culture of Jewish emigrants from Eastern Europe. In the early 1900s, the Lower East Side had the highest concentration of Jews on the planet: 300,000 Jews occupying one square mile.

So: Why does Mr. Blinken hate Russians instead of Ukrainians? And (which is even worse) Why does he pretend that when his grandfather and family fled Kiev in 1904 to come to the United States he was fleeing not from anti-Semitism in Ukraine but from anti-Semitism in Russia?

What does this lie by Blinken say about himself, and about the U.S. Government that he is an important part of?


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