Hitler Aimed to Kill All Jews

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Date: Wednesday, 30 November 2022

Hitler Aimed to Kill All Jews

Eric Zuesse

This will provide further documentation, beyond what I published in the year 2000, that Hitler intended to exterminate all Jews, and not only the Jews in Germany, or the Jews in Europe. First, however, will come the following summary of WHY he did (summarizing from that book):

My 2000 book, WHY the Holocaust Happened — which is out-of-print because the publisher went out of business — documented, from my researching through all statements (written and spoken) that can reliably be attributed to Hitler, Hitler’s theory behind the Holocaust: the way that the extermination of Jews fit into his war-aims and into Hitler’s overall philosophy, which, as I discovered, was an evolving Christian theology in his mind, that first appeared in his private notes in September 2019 as a literalist-fundamentalist interpretation of “The Bible — Monumental History of Mankind”; but, then, in 1937, that Biblical certainty, which he had, crashed into the Pope’s refusal to allow Hitler’s moral authority to exceed the Pope's own. Hitler argued against the Pope’s view, on 26 April 1933, by saying, “I am doing what the Church has done for 1,500 years. I am simply finishing the job.” The Pope opposed Hitler’s intention to kill all Jews, because it would mean killing members of Roman Catholic congregations who descended from Jews, and especially because it would mean killing current members (of those congregations) who themselves had converted from Judaism. So, as I summarized on page 41,

Hitler after 1937 increasingly tried to cast his old biblical beliefs in scientific terms, so that instead of Jews carrying the blood of Satan, they carried blood that was “infected” by “the Jewish virus, which had to be eradicated. Old wine was simply poured into new bottles. The wine was still religious. And Hitler’s passion for that wine remained, till the bitter end, of religious intensity.

In fact, as I said on page 125:

In his Secret Conversations (Table-Talk) on the night of 25-6 January 1942, when the “final solution” was already in full sway, Hitler asked, “Where do we acquire the right to believe that man has not always been as he is now? The study of nature teaches us that, in the animal kingdom just as much as in the vegetable kingdom, variations have occurred. They’ve occurred within the species, but none of these variations has an importance comparable with that which separates man from the monkey — assuming that this transformation really took place.” Despite Hitler’s claim here concerning what “the study of nature teaches,” the racism that motivated the Holocaust clearly had everything to do with “original sin,” and nothing at all to do with the actual science of biology. 

That was his old wine in new bottles. This “old wine” included not only the New Testament but the Old, and his Mein Kampf and other writings cited as authorization for his beliefs the Old Testament’s God-ordered exterminations of Canaanites and others — even Jews believe in God-ordained exterminations.

He had believed, as a literalist, who accepted both the Old and New Testaments to be “History” (both past and future) instead of mere myth, that Revelation 20:1-7 meant that Hitler's ultimate goal of establishing a Thousand-Year Reich (of God) wouldn’t be able to start until Satan — the snake in Genesis 3, who according to John 8:44 and other New Testament verses, fathered “the Jews” — is, during that Thousand Years, to be “in prison,” which he interpreted as meaning that Judaism must be eliminated for a thousand years (after which would come “Paradise” on Earth, the “Holy City” of Revelation 21). That would be a 100% Aryan (meaning 100% decended from Adam and Eve and none descended from the snake in Genesis 3) world.

Since the time when I wrote that book, I have found a few items of additional relevant evidence, which had not been known to me (or, in some instances, even published) in 2000. None of it is incompatible with my reconstruction then of why the Holocaust happened; all of it is compatible, and, indeed, is supportive; and I shall present it here (this will be added to the book at page 99):


Eberhard Bethge, who had been a liberal Protestant cleric during the Third Reich, was interviewed in the last chapter of Augustin Hedberg’s 1992 FAITH UNDER FIRE and was asked what those years had been like. Bethge commented, “‘Bad blood’ was the great term. You had to have Aryan blood.” Hitler, in only his private statements, had defined “Aryan,” as pureblooded Christian. Bethge’s interviewer inquired, “So we know this Jewish poison [Jewish blood] had to be cleansed. How did they propose to do that?” Bethge replied, tellingly: “For instance, everybody in an office, in a village, in a city, in a province, in Berlin, had to prove that he had [only] Aryan ancestors. How could he do that? He could do it only if he wrote to church officers in the villages or in the cities and asked them to look in the old books of the church in which baptisms were recorded. So many pastors and church secretaries had to work for hours and hours, weeks and months to answer all these requests. ‘Please give me an excerpt out of the church files that proves my ancestors had been Christians.’ The church officers and the ministers, they didn’t care. They did that. They said, ‘How important we are now.’ I was an assistant curator in the winter of ’33. I had to sit all morning and look through the books and answer these letters.” It was therefore the Christian clergy themselves — people indoctrinated with John 8:44, and Matthew 27:25, and Matthew 23:31-36, and Luke 19:27, etc. — who were the proud implementers of the indispensable first step in the Nazis’ 12-year-long “racist” war against the Jews, by supplying the crucial raw data for segregating-out Jews. Bethge was even honest enough to admit, “We were anti-Semitic, and we thought this was Christian.” The essential first step in the “final solution” was this identification of who was NOT an “Aryan,” who WAS “a Jew.” Hitler commanded this first step in the year he came into power, 1933, and the Christian clergy executed it with pride. And yet even today, so-called “historians” say that Hitler didn’t have execution of the Jews in mind from the very start, and that Hitler was no Christian, and so forth. 

“Historians” have not been doing their job, for the truth. That’s why the general public  cannot separate propaganda from history — the latter is just an extension of the former. Compare this account of the origin of how the Nazis managed to identify who was “a Jew” and who was not, that was given in a traditional history book on that topic, Edwin Black's 2001 IBM AND THE HOLOCAUST. Christianity’s role is ignored. The problem thus is misunderstood.


Others I haven’t yet placed into the text for an updated edition:

Hitler was born a Roman Catholic but reached out to all pureblooded Christians or descendants of Adam and Eve, regardless of their denomination. And he died as a Roman Catholic: On 2 April 2016, the “Ask a Franciscan” blog of the St. Anthony Messenger publication headlined “Were Any Catholic Nazis Excommunicated?”, and stated that, “Although individual Catholics who were Nazis were not excommunicated, any Catholic wanting to advance within the Nazi structure knew that closeness to the Catholic Church would damage such a career. Excommunication is a last resort and is used in the hope that it will jolt people into reconsidering their actions.” Even Hitler had never been excommunicated. Apparently, that page — which was published as — was subsequently considered embarrassing to the Vatican; so, it was removed. As-of 30 November 2022, it isn’t even listed among the many which remain publicly accessible at There are allegations on the Web, such as that “In February 1931, the German bishops excommunicated all active Nazi party members. This included Hitler.” But no documentation is provided for them (other than, like in that case, to yet another source that offers zero documentation of its claim). What has no checkable source is always to be assumed false — no more credible than gossip. As-of 12 December 1938, the Jewish Telegraph Agency headlined “Pope Reported Set to Excommunicate Hitler” — but the Pope never did; and the very allegation there means that Hitler had not PREVIOUSLY BEEN excommunicated. The Holocaust had not yet begun, but, by then, virtually everyone was already expecting it.

My book (page 98) already pointed out that, upon Hitler’s suicide, “No less a figure, in fact, than Cardinal Bertram — the presiding prelate of Germany and authorized representative from the Holy See — had instructed his priests to hold a Memorial Mass (6 May 1945), notwithstanding that the Cardinal and the Pope were well aware of the Holocaust.”


Anyway, in July 2018, I headlined “Conclusive Proof: Hitler Intended Exterminating All the World’s Jews: First Annotated Web-Publication of the Complete Official Record of Hitler’s Meeting with, and Promises to, the Mufti of Jerusalem” and documented that on 28 November 1941, Hitler promised to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem that after he would eliminate all Jews from Europe, he would invade Palestine to do the same thing there and “liberate” the Arabs. The racist-fascist (i.e., ideologically nazi) anti-Palestinian Jew Benjamin Netanyahu misrepresented that meeting as-if the Mufti had instead there given Hitler the idea of doing the Holocaust — which was actually already in preparation then.

More recently, on 25 January 2019, the Guardian bannered “Nazi blueprint for North American Holocaust acquired by Canada archive”, and reported that:

A book once owned by Adolf Hitler, which scholars suspect was a blueprint for a Holocaust in North America, has been acquired by Canada’s national archive.

The rare book, of which only a handful of copies remain, was bought online by government librarians last year and unveiled for the first time in Ottawa on Wednesday. The acquisition, which curators say will preserve a critical piece of history, comes at a time of growing antisemitism and Holocaust denial in Canada.

Published in 1944 by the German researcher and linguist Heinz Kloss, Statistics, Media, and Organizations of Jewry in the United States and Canada is a disturbingly thorough catalogue of Jewish residents in the two countries and reflects Nazi plans in the event they gained control over the continent.

“[The book] demonstrates that the Holocaust wasn’t a European event – it was an event that didn’t have the opportunity to spread out of Europe,” Michael Kent, a curator at Library and Archives Canada, told the Guardian. “It reminds us that conflicts and human tragedies that seemed far away could find their way to North America.”

Experts believe the book was once part of Hitler’s extensive library at his alpine hideaway and was probably removed by Allied soldiers or dignitaries who visited the complex following the defeat of the Nazis. ...

If a suitable publisher will step forward to issue an updated version of my 2000 book, I shall be happy to add to it this information and other additional confirmations of it that I have come upon since the year 2000.

There is no longer any significant mystery as to why Hitler did what he did. To himself in his private notes, and to his friends and followers, he explained himself pretty well, and very extensively.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s new book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.

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