Kennedy v. Kennedy for U.S. President

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Date: Tuesday, 09 May 2023

Kennedy v. Kennedy for U.S. President

Eric Zuesse

Many Americans are disgusted with the demonstrably low quality of the two leading prospective nominees of America’s political Parties for the Presidency: Trump and Biden. Even the leading alternative prospective contestants, Ron DeSantis and Kamala Harris (if Biden gets booted by the DNC because he is so depressing to so many voters) are no better, and maybe are even worse. America is increasingly heading to become a failed state that is also a nuclear super-power: despised and feared, instead of admired and warmly regarded, around the world. Is this even a democracy, at all (other than just formally, via a great Constitution that has become just a mere piece of paper to both of the political Parties and to the U.S. Supreme Court itself)? None of those four prospective nominees has the respect of a majority of Americans.  And, in a year-long contest between them, the respect for each one of them will almost inevitably fall even further.

No person who has the respect of less than a majority of the U.S. population should be even a nominee of either of the political Parties. None of those four meets that minimum standard, or is likely to.

I shall suggest here two persons, one from each of the two Parties, whom I believe probably would achieve the respect of a majority of the U.S. population as representing that person’s Party in the 2024 U.S. Presidential contest: RFK Jr. for the Democratic Party, versus Louisiana U.S. Senator John Kennedy (no relation) for the Republican Party. Both of them are enormously gifted barristers, or public presenters and arguers about legal matters, and even rise to eloquence at times, as being such; and both of them argue their respective cases with a power sufficient to crush almost any opponent in a debate. Both of those men are, in other words, brilliant, though one is a conservative and the other is a progressive. A contest between them would be on the issues instead of only the personalities, because each of the two in debate conveys both passion and sincerity as an advocate for his position. Only by that means would there be even a possibility that the 2024 U.S. Presidential contest will rise above being the type of purely personality-based contest, or entertainment show, mere horse-race, that U.S. Presidential contests have always been since at least the year 2000 and which mere horse-races have been destroying this country. A political contest that is more about personalities than it is about issues cannot authentically BE a democratic contest, because every Government is ultimately policies; if personalities are instead what dominates it, then it becomes more theater than politics, and personalities then dominate over politics so that the country might as well BE a dictatorship.

I will not here say anything about RFK Jr., because he is already a declared candidate for the Democratic Party’s U.S. Presidential nomination and will consequently be presenting his case for many months, a case that will represent America’s progressives. However, Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana is, at present, only little known outside his state; and, so, regarding him, I present the link to my May 6th article, “Here is the U.S. Senate Debate that Destroyed Biden’s Climate Plan”, and I suggest that any Republican who is reading this should evaluate whether this is the type of person who would be the likeliest to defeat anyone whom the Democratic Party might nominate for the Presidency. In addition, there is also already a Web-page, “senator john kennedy for president”, which links to, as-of now, ten web-pages in which that U.S. Senator is presenting his case on a number of federal issues. Though that Senator Kennedy has not declared himself to be a candidate for the Republican nomination, there already are people who are urging him to do so; and this is why that Web-page was posted. I have not had anything to do with it.

Personally, I (who had been urging RFK Jr. to primary against Barack Obama in 2012 for the Democratic nomination, but he declined) am urging Colonel Douglas Macgregor to run as a third-party candidate if the two major Parties nominate any of the four that now are considered to be the likeliest to become those two Parties’ nominees, none of which 4 people I would ever vote for. I notice that, independent of myself, there also are others who are urging him to run. 


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