Truths My U.S. Presidential Candidate RFK Jr. Avoids Saying, And Why He Does

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Date: Wednesday, 17 May 2023

Truths My U.S. Presidential Candidate RFK Jr. Avoids Saying, And Why He Does

Eric Zuesse

RFK Jr. is, in my view, the first-ever U.S. Presidential candidate in either Party who honestly represents and advocates for the policies that FDR (whom historians consider to be at least among the two greatest American Presidents if not himself #1) had been intending for the United States in the event that the Allies would win WW II. (Of course, FDR died on 12 April 1945 while the war was ending, and thus didn’t get to shape the post-War nation, far less shape the post-War world.) Russell Brand’s landmark May 12th, 68:35-minute, interview of candidate RFK Jr. (whom I consider to be FDR’s ideological heir), left no big stone unturned, and got shockingly direct and honest answers from him, all of which fit with what my own historical researches have revealed, such as that:

. The CIA assassinated JFK and sacrificed its asset Lee Harvey Oswald as the fall-guy in it — though Oswald had probably had nothing to do with it.

. Covid-19 was created by the U.S. military under a U.S. Government contract to China’s lab in Wuhan

Here is that May 12th interview:

“Russell & RFK Jr | FAUCI, CIA Secrets & Running For President - #128 - Stay Free With Russell Brand”

At 15:00 in it, RFK Jr. praises President Eisenhower as the first U.S. President who condemned the MIC or military-industrial complex. Is RFK Jr. denying that Eisenhower and Truman had established the MIC, and that it thrived from what both of those Presidents had done? No. He’s instead saying that Ike warned America about the MIC just three days before leaving office. Why did Eisenhower do that? I’ve seen lots of evidence that he did it because he knew full well that it would turn out to have been a curse to the entire world and he didn’t want to be blamed for having done so much in order to get it established. He wanted his immediate successors to be blamed for it. However, actually, chief movers in getting it established were the Dulles brothers, Allen heading the CIA, and John heading the State Department. Ike appointed both of them. RFK Jr. prominently blames both Allen and John, but NOT Ike. Why? Could it be because RFK Jr., as a Presidential candidate, is getting lots of his initial favorable exposure to the public via Republican Party propaganda operations such as Fox News instead of via Democratic Party propaganda operations such as MSNBC and CNN (who propagandize for Biden instead)? He needs to appeal to the prejudices now of Republicans, at least as much as to the prejudices of Democrats. Right now, he is attacking the Democratic President Biden, and Republicans like that; so: RFK Jr. needs to avoid, as much as possible, offending Republicans. If he instead were attacking Republican Presidents, then they wouldn’t like him. Ike is a solid Republican icon. RFK Jr. doesn’t hesitate to criticize the Republican President Nixon, because Nixon was JFK’s opponent. But Eisenhower wasn’t. (Furthermore: Nixon isn’t so much of a Republican icon after the Watergate scandal.) So: RFK Jr. is presenting Eisenhower in a favorable light, though Ike installed both of the Dulleses, whom RFK Jr. is largely blaming for the cover-up of the actual heads of JFK’s assassination, who were, most prominently, not ONLY Allen, but ALSO John, Dulles. (They aren’t Republican icons, but they were Republicans.)

At 16:00, RFK Jr. blames Nixon and the Dulles brothers for the Bay of Pigs trap that JFK fell into when he became the President. RFK Jr. doesn’t blame Ike for that, though Ike was actually the main person behind it.

At 25:00, he argues that it is “beyond a reasonable doubt” that Allen Dulles and his chief thug James Jesus Angleton were the masterminds of JFK’s assassination. So: Ike’s Administration did it (but RFK Jr. doesn’t say so).

At 35:00, he points out that Operation Warpspeed to get fast approval for America's anti-covid vaccines (which had been largely invented and patented by the U.S. Government) was largely an operation of Dr. Fauci.

There are also other interesting points he makes:

15:00 praises Ike

16:00 blames Nixon&DullesBros. for Bay of Pigs

25:00 Beyond a reasonable doubt, the CIA had JFK assassinated.

35:00 NSA ran Operation Warpspeed, Fauci was behind that.

36:55 He exposes Avril Haines, the Deputy Director of the CIA, who has been managing cover-ups her entire life: she covered-up for the torturers at Guantanamo Bay — she is now the DNI which makes her the highest officer at the NSA, which managed the pandemic. … It was all about how do you use the pandemic to clamp down, censorship, forced lock-downs, which — by the way, every [national authority around the world] all of them said that lock-downs are bad policy-responses to a pandemic. You quarantine the sick, you protect the vulnerable, and you let everybody else go back to work. … [The top people on covid starting on 19 September 2019 — which was actually under the Republican Trump — were] Avril Haines, CIA now DNI; Bill Gates …; Tony Fauci; … virtually all U.S. major media; and China’s expert; and THEY were saying: Do lockdowns. Avril Haines immediately [back in September 2019] held a private conference about how to persuade the public that covid-19 was NOT from a lab-leak. She said that not only do we have to censor-out voices who would be saying it was a lab-leak but we must “flood the zone” with propaganda saying it was instead natural. “I detail every one of them [such instances] in my book and every one of them the CIA wrote the script for.” So, he’s saying that this looks like a Deep State operation. But he praises Katherine Eban’s article in the 3 June 2021 Vanity Fair as having exposed the shoddiness of the public statements by the Trump Administration which alleged that this was a natural virus. Then, the new President, Biden, appointed Avril Haines to determine whether or not covid-19 came from a lab-leak. That’s like placing either the prosecutor or the defense attorney as being also the judge in a criminal case, but the public never knew about this. “And she continues to be the primary adviser to President Biden on coronavirus.” RFK Jr. is attacking Biden more than he is attacking Trump — because right now, he needs Republican media to interview him (since Democratic media want instead to bury him).

On 18 March 2023, I presented evidence that "PROVEN: Covid-19 Was Part Of U.S. Bio-Warfare Program, Carried Out In Wuhan To Spark Hatred Against China”, which argued that the immediate precursor to the covid-19 virus had been engineered in a U.S. bio-weapons lab but produced in China’s Wuhan lab so as to increase hatred against China. RFK Jr. is more explicit: he says that even the covid-19 virus was produced that way. However, he says that the reason why it was produced in the Chinese lab instead of in a U.S. lab is that this was the way that Fauci got around a recently passed U.S. law against such “gain-of-function” research (actual production of the virus) being done in America. Maybe my hypothesis that the purpose was to hype hatred against China was false. I don’t know.

As regards whether Lee Harvey Oswald was even involved at all in JFK’s assassination: Warren “Commission Exhibit No. 2003” from the FBI, dated 23 November 1963, said:

“The latent [finger]prints appearing in the photograph taken of the rifle” “by the Dallas Police Department, are too fragmentary and indistinct to be of any value for identification purposes. Photographs of this weapon taken by the Bureau also failed to produce prints of sufficient legibility. … No latent prints of value were developed on Oswald’s revolver, the cartridge cases, the unfired cartridge, the clip in the rifle or the inner parts of the rifle.” Nor was there other proof that Oswald had fired any of the shots that hit Kennedy. And the debate as to whether there was any courtroom-quality evidence confirming that Oswald had fired any of those shots continues and will probably never be resolved. No honest person today can say with certainty that Oswald fired ANY of the shots that killed JFK. However: RFK Jr., isn’t alleging that Oswald was uninvolved, but instead that the Warren Commission Report was a cover-up; and I think that it either was that or else was astoundingly incompetent. Since the Commission’s Report is consistently in favor of the CIA (the ‘lone gunman theory’), the remaining question is: How likely is it that 100% of that “incompetence” was NOT actually driven by a conspiracy? (And JFK’s replacement of the imperialistic fascist Republican Allen Dulles by the imperialistic fascist Republican John McCone changed nothing. It failed. But RFK Jr. says nothing about that, too — because RFK Sr. had advised JFK to choose McCone for that post.)

RFK Jr. is stunningly honest, but there are some important truths that, for his own strategic reasons, he avoids pointing out. I think he would make a very great President, because I think he aims to move forward with FDR’s plans and to reverse the catastrophic direction that Truman and Eisenhower set the U.S. (and the world) onto: neoconservatism-neoliberalism (the aristocracy’s ideology, which is imperialistic fascism). At the very least, RFK Jr. is an extremely courageous person. Who (after seeing this interview) can deny that he also is extraordinarily intelligent? Finally, there will (if he survives) be someone on the Presidential ballot for whom I will not leave the Presidential line blank.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse’s new book, AMERICA’S EMPIRE OF EVIL: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public.

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