Eritrean President Isaias Concludes His Visit to China: Hope the Two Countries Deepen Practical Cooperation in Various Fields

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Friday, 19 May 2023

Eritrean President Isaias Concludes His Visit to China: Hope the Two Countries Deepen Practical Cooperation in Various Fields

10:22, May 19, 2023 Source: China News Network

China News Agency, Chengdu, May 19th (Reporter Yue Yitong) Eritrean President Isaias concluded his six-day visit to China and led a delegation to depart from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport on May 19th.

  It is understood that Isaias is invited to pay a state visit to China starting from May 14. After finishing the itinerary in Beijing, Isaias and his party arrived in Chengdu at noon on May 17. Sichuan is the second stop of their visit to China.

Isaias visited the mushroom production workshop of Chengdu Fengke Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Photo by Zhang Lang

  During his stay in Sichuan, Isaias went to Sanxingdui Museum, Chengdu Fengke Biotechnology Co., Ltd., China Dongfang Electric Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as Dongfang Electric), Dujiangyan Water Conservancy Project, Dujiangyan Base of China Giant Panda Conservation Research Center, Shudao Investment Group Co., Ltd. Responsible company (referred to as Shudao Group) and other places to visit and investigate.

Isaias visited the Sanxingdui Museum. Photo by Zhang Lang

  "After returning to China, I will send a professional team over as soon as possible to discuss with you and implement the cooperation method." On the morning of the 18th, after a discussion with the relevant person in charge of Dongfang Electric, Isaias sent out the invitation with a smile on his face: " Eritrea is rich in geothermal, wind and solar resources, Dongfang Electric is welcome to invest and develop, we can jointly discuss the comprehensive utilization of energy, and benefit the society through this sustainable industry.”

Isaias visited Shudao Group. Photo by Zhang Lang

  On the afternoon of the 18th, during the inspection of the Shudao Group, Isaias paid close attention to smart transportation, infrastructure projects, innovative technology, etc., listened carefully to the explanation and nodded affirmatively from time to time. In fact, Sichuan Highway and Bridge Construction Group Co., Ltd., which is affiliated to Shudao Group, established an office in Eritrea in 1995, and has successively participated in many projects such as the Gatlai Road Project, the Masswa Seawall, and the Asmara Eye Hospital. infrastructure projects. At present, Shudao Group is co-investing and constructing several mining projects with Eritrea in the country.

Isaias visited Dongfang Electric. Photo by Zhang Lang

  China is Eritrea's largest trading partner and source of investment. On the evening of the 18th, Isaias said in an interview in Chengdu that he had witnessed China's rapid development during this trip and learned a lot of "Chinese experience" that Eritrea could learn from. It is hoped that the two countries can deepen practical cooperation in more than 10 fields including new energy, agriculture, and infrastructure construction.

Isaias visited the Dujiangyan Water Conservancy Project. Photo by Zhang Lang
  In November 2021, China and Eritrea signed the "Memorandum of Understanding on Jointly Promoting the Construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road." Isaias said that the "Belt and Road" initiative has benefited the co-construction countries and played an important role in Eritrea's infrastructure construction and economic growth. "It is hoped that the relationship between Eritrea and China will be improved to a higher level while the win-win cooperation is achieved, and the cooperation will be expanded to a wider field." (End)

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