Strides in understanding how the brain processes chronic pain

Posted by: The Conversation

Date: Thursday, 25 May 2023

As common as chronic pain is, how the brain processes pain remains something of a mystery. Neurobiologist Prasad Shirvalkar devised a way to objectively measure chronic pain by surgically implanting electrodes in the brains of four patients with post-stroke pain and phantom limb pain. His team’s findings offer the “first direct evidence that chronic pain involves information-processing areas of the brain distinct from those involved in acute pain,” he writes in a crisp summary of a study published this week. The work could lead to better diagnosis of chronic pain conditions and potential treatments, such as deep brain stimulation.

Six African presidents – from South Africa, Egypt, Republic of Congo, Senegal, Uganda and Zambia – are set to embark, possibly next month, on a mission to help end the Russia-Ukraine war. Africa has an interest in this war because of its disastrous economic impact on the continent. Gilbert M. Khadiagala clears misconceptions about the mission, and sets out what the “African Six” can reasonably achieve.

Martin LaMonica

Director of Editorial Projects and Newsletters

Chronic pain can be objectively measured using brain signals – new research

Prasad Shirvalkar, University of California, San Francisco

Pain has long been subjectively measured, leading to frustrations for patients and doctors alike. Identifying neural biomarkers of pain could improve diagnosis and lead to better treatments of chronic pain conditions.

Africa’s Russia-Ukraine peace mission: what can it achieve?

Gilbert M. Khadiagala, University of the Witwatersrand

If the African delegation could convince the belligerents to find a peaceful solution, they will make a critical contribution to the climate for mediation.

Working from home immoral? A lesson in ethics, and history, for Elon Musk

Dale Tweedie, Macquarie University

Elon Musk says wanting to work from home is unethical when not all workers can do it. Here’s why this argument is wrong.


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