In 2014, NATO authorized Ukraine to ‘exterminate’ opponents of the newly U.S.-installed Ukrainian Government

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Date: Thursday, 25 May 2023

In 2014, NATO authorized Ukraine to ‘exterminate’ opponents of the newly U.S.-installed Ukrainian Government

Eric Zuesse

As will be detailed here: NATO held a press conference on 3 June 2014 by the Acting Minister of Defence of Ukraine, Mykhailo Koval, who had been appointed on 25 March 2014 by Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who had been selected on 27 January 2014 by Victoria Nuland, who had been appointed by Barack Obama to run Obama's Ukrainian coup d’etat, which Obama had started planning by no later than June 2011, after Ukraine’s democratically elected President twice in the year of his election, 2010, turned down the urgings by Obama and by his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to bring Ukraine into, first the EU, and then NATO.

At this press conference (whose audio can be heard here), Mr. Koval said that “The Defence ministers of the allied countries who spoke at the meeting unanimously supported Ukrainian authorities, Ukrainian Armed Forces and security forces engaged into antiterrorist operation in the east of Ukraine,” and this “antiterrorist operation” or “ATO” was against people in the far eastern Donbass region, which region had voted over 90% for the democratically elected President whom Obama's coup had just overthrown. Anyone in that region who opposed that President’s overthrow (presumably 90+% of the residents there) was being referred to as a “terrorist” and was thus targeted in Ukraine’s “ATO.” Koval was asked by one reporter “Do you have any information about the number of peaceful residents who were killed during the operation” and he answered: “I don’t have any information on the number of peaceful citizens who were… who died.” He also said that “the antiterrorist operation command aimed at extermination of criminal groups in the east of Ukraine, and the reaction of the Defence ministers - and 21 ministers spoke to the events happening in Ukraine - was in a sort of support in activities and actions of Ukrainians authorities, [this] antiterrorist operation.” So, he was clear that “extermination” of the “terrorists” was its objective, and he also said that “we today received the most important, the total support of the whole Alliance. As I told you, 21 ministers spoke and all supported us. It is very important for us.” Consequently, none of the 21 who were present raised any objections.

On 11 June 2014, a video of Koval (perhaps from a non-transcripted portion of his press conference on June 3rd) was posted to youtube with him saying (as translated): “There will be a thorough filtration of people. There will be special filtration measures put in place. We will filter out people, including women, who are linked to separatism, who were committing crimes on Ukrainian territory, crimes related to terrorist activities. We have a lot of information regarding this, and we have a formidable framework to combat this, and respective power structures will carry out this operation. Besides, this is a serious issue, related to the fact that people will be resettled to other regions.”

Those “other regions” were ditches, where they were shot and buried. But many residents of Donbass fled to Russia instead.

On 21 November 2014, Ukraine, U.S., and Canada, were the only three nations voting in the U.N. General Assembly against a proposed (and overwhelmingly passed) Resolution condemning all forms of bigotry and racism, including nazism, and both America and Canada said that they were voting against it in order to be voting with Ukraine on it. However, since all of the 21 NATO Defense Ministers who were present on 3 June 2014 had endorsed Koval’s plan for “filtration” of people in Ukraine or former Ukraine who opposed the Obama-imposed government, and even had explicitly endorsed “extermination” of all of them, regardless of whether “peaceful citizens” are included, the pro-nazi sentiment was actually widespread if not universal at NATO, even among the U.N. delegations that were voting to condemn nazism and all other forms of bigotry.

America had picked up where Nazi Germany had left off, but without Jews being the target, and instead targeting any nation (such as Russia or China, or any natioon that trades with those) that refuses to become taken over by the U.S. regime. This empire’s goal is global conquest.


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