ericzuesse: Canada’s Parliament Gives Standing Ovation to 98-Year-Old Nazi SS Ukrainian

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Date: Monday, 25 September 2023

Canada’s Parliament Gives Standing Ovation to 98-Year-Old Nazi SS Ukrainian

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Canada, which along with the U.S., imported and gave sanctuary to more Nazis than any other country did, honored on 22 September 2023 in its Parliament, the Canadian Ukrainian, the 98-year-old Yaroslav Hunka, who had served in a Ukrainian division of Hitler’s SS, the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS, also known as the 1st Galician Division, during WW II: the parliamentarians gave him a standing ovation, for his having waged war for Hitler against the Soviet Union, which was the nation that did more than any other to defeat Hitler. Though Canada and the U.S. were allied with the Soviet Union then against the Nazis and against their ideology of nazism, they imported and protected untold thousands of Nazis after WW II in order to start a new war, the Cold War, which now increasingly has become a hot war, to conquer ultimately, Russia itself. Mr. Hunka always hated Russia, and he immediately found a welcoming home in Canada when the Hitlerian stage of Nazism, the German phase of it, ended and the U.S.-led stage of it began on 25 July 1945.

One of the tweets about this Canadian honoring of that nazi Ukrainian was this:

We came maybe to a point of no return - standing ovation for a Nazi veteran in a Western parliament means all the masks are taken down! Who will join the Nazis in the next big fight for freedom in the world?

Here is a group photo of Mr. Hunka, not only in, but front-and-center in, a group of his fellow Ukrainain SS soldiers, during the Second World War, when they were fighting for Hitler against Stalin and were accepted by Hitler as being worthy to include in Ukraine’s SS Division. The article that has this photo states:

A blog by an association of its veterans, called “Combatant News” in Ukrainian, includes an autobiographical entry by a Yaroslav Hunka that says he volunteered to join the division in 1943 and several photographs of him during the war. The captions say the pictures show Hunka during SS artillery training in Munich in December 1943 and in Neuhammer (now Świętoszów), Poland, the site of Himmler’s visit. 

NATO, the CIA, the U.S. Defense Department, Canada, UK, etc., represent the Anglo-American take-over of the movement (not merely imperialism, but hyper-imperialism, to take over ultimately the whole world, which both Hitler’s nazism and its Anglo-American variety, “neoconservatism,” advocate for) that Hitler had led but without including his anti-Semitism. For many Ukrainian nazis, hatred against Russians is more important than hatred against Jews; and, so, they can get along just fine in UK, U.S., and Canada, and are honored in those countries.

That article is from Lev Golinkin, of Kharkov in eastern Ukraine, which was and is a strongly anti-Hitler part of Ukraine. It says that Hunka’s unit “was composed of recruits from the Galicia region in western Ukraine,” and that’s the Ukrainian region which strongly supported Hitler. After the Soviet Union ended, western Ukraine strongly supported America and its NATO military alliance against Russia; so, western Ukraine has had the highest voter-support for U.S.-supported political candidates, such as the U.S. Government has installed to rule its ‘democratic’ Ukraine ever since Obama’s coup grabbed Ukraine in 2014.

They talk of their being an ‘independent’ Ukraine, but it’s no more independent of the U.S. Government than the WW-II-era Ukrainian SS were independent of Hitler’s Government.

In fact: on 26 February 2015, I headlined “Top Ukrainian Nazi Visits U.S. Congress, Pentagon, Seeks Weapons for Ukraine” and reported that the founder of the Social Nationalist Party of Ukraine (named after Hitler’s Nationalist Socialist Party of Germany), Andriy Parubiy (who had been “the Commandant of the Maidan” in Obama’s coup there) had just visited both Canada’s and America’s legislatures seeking weapons against Russia, and he got them. Obama started and both Trump and Biden continue Ukraine as being a new colony in the American empire. Of course, this empire includes also NATO, Japan, and South Korea, among others.


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