Dehai News Six ministers involved in S. Sudan crisis committee scandal

Posted by: Berhane Habtemariam

Date: Thursday, 09 March 2017

Six ministers involved in S. Sudan crisis committee scandal


March 9, 2016 (NAIROBI) – Nearly 60 individuals, who included at least six South Sudanese ministers, officials, lawmakers and companies benefited from funds meant to facilitate work of the Crisis Management Committee (CMC), leaked confidential documents show.

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S. Sudan cabinet minister Martin Elia Lomoro (Photo KT Press)

The report Sudan Tribune obtained shows that out of the SSP 447 million disbursed to the CMC account, only SSP 84 million could be accounted for, raising questions on the whereabouts of over SSP 360 million meant for the crisis committee’s work.

Headed by the country’s Vice-President, James Wani Igga, the CMCwas tasked to assess the political, social, economic, security and diplomatic effects of the conflict that broke out in the young nation in mid-December 2013.Several government officials were part of the committee, established in a decree issued 30 April, 2014.

The report details how ministers, military generals, political and other government officials as well as business people received cash payments from the CMC secretariat and the Bank of South Sudan in complete disregard of the country’s Public Financial Management and Accountability Act, 2012.

According to the report, the National Security Services in the Office of the President, Obuto Mamur Mete, received SSP 5 million of the CMC money, which was wired on account number 00269192001203 in Bank of South Sudan on 5 February, 2014.

A separate payment of SSP 3.5 million was made to Mamur on 4 March, 2014.

Also implicated in the report is the deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology and Postal services, Akol Paul Kordit who received a cash payment of SSP 444,345 on 22 January, 2014, the acting chief administrator in the office of the president, who doubles as the chief of state protocol at South Sudan’s presidency, Ambassador Bol Wek Agoth who received USD ($) 173,594 for unexplained activities.

Others are President Salva Kiir’s daughter, Adut Salva Kiir, who was paid SSP 14 million to supply fuel and other unexplained expenditures, Machok Majong (Member of Parliament from Gogrial State), who received cash payment of SSP 412,500 on 18 February, 2014, Hellen Andrea Juma and Mabior Nhial Mabior (both senior cashiers at the Office of the Vice President), who withdrew huge sums of money indicated on the bank statement, but no accountability provided.

The reports also implicates the South Sudanese cabinet affairs minister, Martin Elia Lomoru, parliamentary affairs minister, Peter Bashir Gbandi, roads and bridges minister, Rebecca Joshua Okwaci and their youth, culture and sports counterpart, Nadia Arop Dudi.


  • Hon. Obuto Mamur Mete Minister for National Security 8,575,000
  • Hon. Akol Paul Kordit Deputy Ministers of Information 444,345
  • Bol Wek Agoth Acting Chief Administrator, Office of the President 173,594
  • Hon. John Gai Yoh Presidential Advisor for Education 233,437
  • Hon. Bol Makueng SPLM Secretary for Information and Culture 91,896
  • Hon. Machok Majong Member of Parliament, SSLA 412,500
  • Hon. Beda Machar Deng Former Minister of Agriculture 197,024
  • Hon. Kwong Danhier Former Minister of Transport 47,996
  • Hon. Lang Tap Luom 20,170
  • Hon. Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro Minister of Cabinet Affairs 400,000
  • Hon. Dr. Nadia Arop Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture 9,592
  • Hon. Lily Albino Akol Former Deputy Minister of Agriculture 25,579
  • Hon. Rebecca Joshua Minister of Roads and Bridges 27,356
  • Hon. Mat Ruot Member of Parliament, SSLA 13,950
  • Hon. John Juac Member of Parliament, SSLA 22,560
  • Hon. John Manyual Member of Parliament, SSLA 13,950
  • Hon. John Chuol Member of Parliament, SSLA 26,900
  • Gen. Nang Chol 114,240
  • Jiath Yual 14,880
  • Hon. Ali Adian Member of Parliament, SSLA 43,400
  • Hon. Chuol Rambang Chairperson of South Sudan Peace Commission 31,000
  • Hon. Niota 25,000
  • Biong Mijok Deng 45,000
  • Deng Kuol Awor 18,600
  • Dr. Tilahum Hailemariam 649,400
  • Deng Mador Deng Office Manager to Presidential Advisor on Military Affairs
  • Hon. Gen. Awet Akot 130,800
  • Hon. Kom Kom Geng Member of Parliament, SSLA 148,500
  • James Daniel Chaung 605,000
  • Martin Mabil 10,146
  • Domai Gatpan 13,603
  • Mrs. Mary Paul 51,648
  • Nhial Daniel 17,862
  • Hon. Stephen Wiw Bichok Member of Parliament, SSLA 106,220
  • Mrs. Nyatut Mai 5,786
  • Biel Boutros Civil Society Activist 102,409
  • Stephen Yar 70,664
  • Peter Lam Both Former Governor of Latjor State 76,532
  • Deng Chol 70,545
  • Mrs. Cecilia Adeng Former Officer Manager of the President (now Senior Diplomat at South Sudan Embassy in United Arab Emirates) 112,494
  • Hon. Peter Bashir Gbandi Minister of Parliamentary Affairs 21,924
  • Kueth Kong Kueth 26,075
  • Puok Bol Mut 24,303
  • James Gatkor Wedial 20,390
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Nyawai 17,468
  • Mrs. Adut Salva Kiir Daughter of the President 14,000,000
  • Mrs. Mary Yual Badeng 17,152
  • David Kueth 12,172
  • Kutin Bayak Gil 21,008
  • Sarah Benjamin Gabriel 34,560
  • Emelda Modi 48,500
  • Michael Chute Lul 33,120
  • Ali Atem Biar Jonglei State Coordination Officer 3,000,000
  • James Deng Wal Senior Cashier, Office of the President 4,000,000
  • Hellen Andrea Juma Senior Cashier, Office of the Vice President 26,690,416
  • Bosco Eluzai Mabe Private Secretary to the Vice President 1,000,000
  • James Deng Malim National Security Service Officer, Internal Security Bureau (ISB) 2,138,336
  • Clement Vito 1,500,000
  • Mabior Nhial Mabior Senior Cashier, Office of Vice President 45,924,600
  • Bass Petroleum Ltd 600,000
  • Everest General Trading 2,000,000
  • Office of the President 25,000,000
  • Internal Transfer 47,694,663
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