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Eritrea Embassy Media video: "Lwam Zerabruk, An impression of an Eritrean young woman!"

Posted by: Yared Tesfay

Date: Thursday, 16 March 2017

This is an impression & experience  that LWAM ZERABRUK share with young women in her generation, 
Lwam Z. is part of the generation who joined Sawa National training center for military training and 12th grade academic year. This was also a preparatory program for her to participate in the National High School Leaving Examination as a channel to her coming years of college. She is also part of the several youth who are doing their National service as a teacher in the Warsay-Yikalo secondary school.  Sawa is a center where she joined it with different phases. On these phases she was able to witness various experiences, ways of life, opportunities and challenges and life time lessons. Through these experiences that she share with the thousands of young women in her generation,  She want to respond to various allegations raised – by external actors - on the condition of young women in Sawa and who allude to acts that undermine women’s rights and safety.

"LWAM ZERABRUK, An impression of an Eritrean young woman!"

Eritrea EmbassyMedia sent you a video: "Lwam Zerabruk, An impression of an Eritrean young woman!"
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Lwam Zerabruk, An impression of an Eritrean young woman!
Sawa Eritrea, is serene oasis where a young men and ladies would embark on constructive and successful path to acquire abundant knowledge and wisdom. The Sawa Academy Institution (SAI) is place where young minds are nurtured and cultivated to become not only the future leaders of Eritrea, but also the future leaders of Africa and world. Each year, young men and ladies from all tribes of Eritrea are nestled on the amicable arms and on the mosaic buildings of Sawa Academy Institution (SAI). Teenagers, from various social backgrounds and ethnics, would flock in thousands to the SAI to the finish their last 12th grade of high school. While they are pursuing their premium academic courses and a variety of career paths, they would also learn a basic military training (self-defense), as well.
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