Dehai News Flashback-Everything You Are Not Supposed to Know about Eritrea: Part-1, 2 & 3

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Date: Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Everything You Are Not Supposed to Know about Eritrea: Part-1, 2 & 3

Interview of Mohamed Hassan

By Grégoire Lalieu and Michel Collon /

May 17, 2017

The Horn of Africa is one of the deadliest regions on that continent, rent by incessant warfare, famine and poverty … These are images familiar to everyone. But few people know that Eritrea considers it possible to escape from this vicious circle, to resolve its conflicts through negotiation and to attain a high level of development. This would be something to celebrate. Yet, in the eyes of the international community, Eritrea is a pariah state, the subject of UN Security Council accusations! In what way does this country, which nobody speaks about, threaten western powers? Mohamed Hassan reveals everything we are not supposed to know about Eritrea.égoire Lalieu & Michel Collon: Is it true that Eritrea is the source of all the violence taking place in the Horn of Africa? This is what the UN Security Council seems to think since it has recently voted to impose sanctions on that country. Eritrea has been accused of providing arms to the Somali rebels.

  1. Hassan: These sanctions result from a campaign of lies aimed at destabilising the Eritrean government. There has been an embargo on providing arms to Somalia since 1992; international experts are in place to control the situation, and every armament today has a serial number which allows its origin to be traced. In spite of all these provisions, the Security Council has no more evidence of this alleged arms traffic that it had of the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq! And once again it is Washington you find behind the campaign of lies. As a matter of fact even the US joint Secretary of State for African Affairs, Johnny Carson doesn’t believe it. The truth, he has explained, is that Somalia has been at war for 20 years and is flooded with armaments. Anybody can buy or sell them on the black market. The Somalis don’t need to go to Eritrea to obtain their supplies....................
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