Dehai News “We must further strengthen the multi-dimensional cooperation between Eritrea and Egypt,” President Isaias Part I-III Full Text

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Date: Saturday, 03 June 2017

“We must further strengthen the multi-dimensional cooperation between Eritrea and Egypt,” President Isaias

Part I-III Full Text

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Saturday June 3,  2017 | is to be recalled that President Isaias Afwerki conducted a two-hour live interview with local media on May 20 on the occasion of the 26th Anniversary of Independence Day. Excerpts of the first part of the interview follows.


Q:-Many have been concerned with respect to the intensive work visits and discussions between senior government officials of Eritrea and Egypt as part of the bilateral relationship between the two countries. Some also tend to distort this situation and speculate about its negative effect on our region. Further, it has been repeatedly claimed (propagated) that Egypt is establishing a military base in Eritrea. What is the basis of this speculation andwhat are the pillars of the relations between Eritrea and Egypt, and other countries in the region as well?

Let me first convey my best wishes for a happy Independence Day to the Eritrean people living inside and outside the country as well as to the friends of Eritrea.

In regard to the bilateral ties between Eritrea and Egypt, I do not wish to dwell on innuendos but rather focus on the substantive issues. It must be seen within the context and framework of our regional policy. That our ties are growing at a fast pace in various sectors and field is too palpable to merit emphasis. The underlying doctrine of our foreign policy is naturally anchored on our domestic situation and geared towards the promotion of a congenial regional environment or safe neighborhood which will significantly influence the successful implementation of our domestic plans and projects. We have to exert vigorous efforts to promote this reality. The cultivation of common understanding with all our partners in the region is indeed imperative for the establishment of robust ties. Ties fostered for tactical or short-term benefits will not be sustainable. In spite of considerable challenges, we have been pursuing an active and not passive diplomacy in the past 25/26 years to create the desired conducive environment with all the countries and peoples in our wider neighbourhood.

The Red Sea is one of the four constituent geographic pillars in our wider region. The importance of the Red Sea Region is too evident to merit explanation. The second geographic zone is the Horn of Africa that includes Kenya. The Nile Basin is the adjacent region that extends westwards. The fourth part is the Gulf States region. All these regions or sub-regions have interrelated linkages in strategic terms. The geopolitical and economic importance of these wider region in global terms are also obvious and primary causes for the various conflicts that have raged in the past 25 years as well as in preceding periods. These conflicts must be resolved to usher in a stable neighborhood. Upheavals, wars, atrocities, conflicts had become the order of the day in the past 25 years. The mayhem has become boundless in the past four/five years. Why are conflicts exacerbated and deteriorating from bad to worse with time in this region? Do these conflicts stem from the domestic realities in each country? Are these provoked by strained ties between the countries in the region? Are they instigated by mainly extremist forces who have their own disparate agendas? The negative implications of these conflicts both in regional and global terms cannot also be underrated...........................

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