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Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Friday, 10 November 2017


24-year-old is said to have suffocated baby and cut off his head
From dpa  10.11.2017
The defendant is sitting in Lüneburg before the trial begins next to their defender in the courtroom of the district court.  Photo: dpa
The defendant is sitting in Lüneburg before the trial begins next to their defender in the courtroom of the district court. Photo: dpa
Lueneburg. Why did the little Maya have to die in Soltau? According to the prosecutor's office, the mother wanted to punish the father by murdering the common baby.
Because she is said to have murdered her four-month-old daughter, a 24-year-old has since Thursday before the district court Lüneburg answer. At the start of the trial on Thursday, the woman from Eritrea was silent on the allegations. The girlish-looking defendant pursued the proceedings outwardly motionless. After conviction of the prosecutor, she is said to have killed the little Maya at the end of 2016 or in the first days of 2017 in her apartment in Soltau.
The defendant initially stifled the baby and then cut off the head of the corpse, prosecutor Frank Padberg said. Then she put the murdered girl on the marriage bed.With the murder she wanted to punish the child-father, who had become violent towards her, the prosecution is convinced.

Policemen found dead infant

Policemen had discovered the dead infant in early January in the apartment of the woman in a multiple dwelling. The father, who had recently been expelled from the apartment's police, had alerted the officials. The woman was arrested just a week after the finding of the dead baby in the city of Soltau and is now in custody.
For days there had been no sign of life from his girlfriend and the baby in the apartment, said the 27-year-old former life companion as a witness. The Sudanese had met the woman from Eritrea on a refugee boat on the Mediterranean at the end of 2015. An interpreter translated into Arabic for the strong man who gave bus drivers a profession. For the accused was translated into the Amharic language. According to her ex-boyfriend, she actually comes from Ethiopia.

Father denies allegations

The 27-year-old father denied in the district court, to have abused his girlfriend. He reported on the days before the body finding, when he first unsuccessfully asked the police, the youth welfare office and the town hall for help. A friend of the defendant had called him from Sweden and told him to come to the apartment, there was a problem there.
"I did not think a mother would go so far as to kill her own child. It was clear to me that she was, "said the ex-boyfriend of the defendants. His girlfriend had previously rudely thrown the baby on the sofa or scream.
Defender Ulrich Albers tried to uncover inconsistencies in the case. Why did not he tell his parents about the daughter's birth, the lawyer asked the witness. Why did not he look like a mourning father in a police interrogation two months after Maya's death?"Should I yell?" Said the 27-year-old. "I mourn in the heart, my heart mourns."
Five trial days are initially scheduled for the trial. An expert is to be heard on Monday.The verdict could be pronounced on November 28.

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