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አብ ጎኒ ህዝበይን ማሕበረ ኮመይን Seminar on Sunday November 26th 2017 at 05:00 p.m.IN UNITY WE CHALLENGE OUR ODDS AND SUCCEED አነ!!! አብ ጎኒ ህዝበይን ማሕበረ ኮመይን


Date: Saturday, 25 November 2017

       SUNDAY NOVEMBER 26TH 2017 AT 05:00 P.M
     አነ!!! አብ ጎኒ ህዝበይን ማሕበረ  ኮመይ
An Important Update About Community Affairs
       SUNDAY NOVEMBER 26TH 2017 AT 05:00 P.M
     አነ!!! አብ ጎኒ ህዝበይን ማሕበረ ኮመይ

                                       Eritrean Community in Winnipeg Inc.   Bringing a Proud  African History and Culture  In Canada 
                                                                                                                                                                     CELEBRATING 35 YEARS  OF PROUD COMMUNITY COMMITMENT IN MANITOBA  

Member of the Coalition of the Eritrean Canadaina Communities and Organizations (CECCO)

Member of  the African Communities of Manitoaba(ACOMI) 
Founding Member of the Newcomer Youth Educational Support Services Coalition.
Community Description & Programs/Services
  •                 The Eritrean Community in Winnipeg Inc. (TECW) is an Ethno cultural Organization that formally incorporated in 1985. The aim of the community is clearly stated in the articles of incorporation and implemented through the Mission, Vision and by-laws as approved by the offices of the government of Manitoba and the general assembly of the registered members of the Eritrean Community in Winnipeg Inc. The Eritrean Community in Winnipeg has new bylaws . Please visit our website and follow up on our postings and gradual completion of bylaws posting and programs  at :    Facebook Page: Eritrea Hade Libi. 


                    The implementation of its Mission and Vision is done through multifaceted community involvement. The execution of programs is done with the assistance of hundreds of volunteers. The organization is funded primarily through membership, but also from generous donations and fundraising events. Currently there are 427 registered members in a community that serves more than 3000 Eritrean Canadians  residing in Manitoba.

                         Our community Centre located at 346 Hargrave Avenue serves primarily the young generation with Family , Women and youth oriented programs.

                                                                          Facebook Page: Eritrea Hade Libi. Our  official website:

    The following programs are implemented on a yearly basis some of which are implemented in collaboration with other agencies. The primary focus of the community is reflected in the following programs and activities:

    • Family and Youth Oriented Programs
    • Heritage Programs: Eritrean Languages and Cultural School with 70-90 children attending regular language and cultural classes. The program employs four to seven teachers annually, and 2-3 youth teaching assistants. The program is run by the parent's council consisting of a committee of 6-8 parents elected bi-annually. The program runs at Hugh John Macdonald School on 567 Bannatyne Avenue from September to June.
    • Tutoring Program: A newcomer youth after-school and summer program tailored to the needs and educational and integration challenges that African Youth face as newcomers. It runs in coalition with the Sudanese, Congolese, and Sierra Leone Communities. The Eritrean Community in Winnipeg Inc. is one of the founding members of the Newcomers Youth Educational Support Services (NYESS) Coalition that coordinates the tutoring of 200 African youth in 4 different sites of the city. Each site program employs one coordinator, a community educator/teacher, and 8-10 tutors.
    • The Summer Program: 80-120  chldren and youth ages 6 to 18  this  year under the supervision of young adults who enjoy academic learning, and summer activities at the John Hugh Macdonald School on 567 Bannatyne Avenue and the Eritrean Community Center at 346 Hargrave. This program employs 8  youth every summer One Coordinator and it’s more focused on younger children age 6 to 14 at the level of education, Cultural awareness, English language skills,  Tigrigna and Arabic learning integration summer camp and extra curriculum activities Eritrean Cultural dances. it also provides direct relief to newcomer families so that can focus on job search on the first months and Years of arrival to Canada.  The tutor and mentors speak Tigrigna  Bilen Arabic, English and French .
    • Strengthening Family Programs in Collaboration with Mount Carmel Clinic and Mosaic Center, in collaboration with the General Authority. This program involves severaldifferent  projects that creates a multi-facet approach to Families ,Youth,Education, Cultural awareness and activities.
    • In total the TECW employs 15 part- time teachers and tutors that assist with the implementation of the Youth the Family oriented programs. They are all and regular payroll, CRA and WBC regulations.

    • The service recipient (any interested family or individual ) needs simply to register the children at the program. An additional active outreach program is in place to assist newcomers and families with special needs in order to improve accessibility to all programs. The services are open to all Eritrean Canadians, their families and Children. The Registered members sustain  of creating, bearing  and supporting the structure with regularannual membership and assist the smooth integration of newcomers to Canada to the Eritrean Community and Canadian Society. 

    • General Interest Programs (Public)
    • Occupational Health Program: A team of 6 trained workers by the Occupational Health Center(OHC) provides critical information about safety at work and workers’ rights at the workplace, which is delivered in first language. The Eritrean Community in Winnipeg Inc. in collaboration with the OHC has developed materials and videos. Bi-monthly workshops are provided to newcomers that are welcomed to the community upon arrival and a dinner session is provided in an orientation evening. (A video co-produced with OHC is available-a Hallmark pioneer work of TECW in this area) sample of the 16 minutes video 
    • Money management classes and assistance in purchasing power for New Canadians, in collaboration with SEED for low income eritrean families families in English and first language (in an effort to eliminated access barriers to newcomers).
    • Driving Classes for oral test preparation and road test assistance in first language for newcomers and special  focus on empowering gender and marginalized persons within the community struggling with social issues.


    • Women Oriented organizations and Programs
    •  The Eritrean  Canadian Women's Organization of Manitoba Inc   gathers at the community Center  and promotes women issues  and Community Unity.
    • Women’s group support network, with regular meetings and support of families and Youth
    • The Eritrean Photography Project helped 12 single female heads of household, learn photography. The program focused in empowering single headed families and particularly women and their children by using arts and by the teaching photography skills. The photography project also aimed to reinforce parental roles during the challenging inter-generational, transitional stage of integration in a new society. A video produced by TECW is available)
    • Youth Programs
      • In addition to the Tutoring, Heritage and Summer Program a Video Pool project where youth use arts as a vehicle of integration was successfully implemented in 2007 and a link to video arts has been established were youth are involved in video production (a video has been produced showing the youth achievements in this area)
      • Soccer and Basketball teams and regular sports activities at central park and Huge John Macdonald School and St Vital soccer Fields. Soccer team is incorporate with the School Program and Basketball team -ERITREAN BALLERS- youth supported by the community.Folkorama activities and yearly participation and representation of Eritrea in collaboration with the African Pavilion
      • Community   Festivities, Services,  Events  and general activities
    • Celebration of  major Eritrean and Canadian Holidays
    • National Eritrean Holidays  Independence day, memorial Day, Bahti Meskerem and Festivals 
    • National Canadian Holidays
    • Religious Holidays
    • Family oriented Picnics
    • Annual Graduation of grade 12 students
    • Park days, zoo visits and school ceremonies Workshops on different subjects
    • Eritrean and Canadian Citizenship Classes and information Sessions
    • Information about services available to Eritrean Citizens in reference to the Eritrean Consulate of the State of Eritrea in Toronto
    • Newcomers sessions and orientation
    • New Employee orientation sessions
    • Tutors and parents’ conferences on educational issues
    • Gang Awareness issues in Collaboration of the RCMP and Winnipeg Police Services 
    • Mental Health Awareness Sessions
    •     Stress management, adaptation and integration with workshops from various speakers local and international
                          Other events in Collaboration with the Wider Community
  • Collaboration with the Newcomers Educational Support Services Coalition (NYESS)
  • Collaboration with the New Immigrant Center (The board Room hosts permanently a piece of Art created by the Eritrean Photography Project)
  • Collaboration with the African Communities of Manitoba (ACOMI)
  • Ebola campaign and fund-raising efforts and project implementation in Guinea West Africa in collaboration with other African Communities  and the African Communities of  Manitoba ACOMI
  • Collaboration with Manitoba Arts Council
  • Collaboration with Winnipeg Arts Council
  • Collaboration with Video Pool
  • Homeland development and information on Investment in Eritrea

  • 1-2 Projects that are co-organized with other Service Providers Agencies  e.g. General authority, Child and family Services on issues affecting newcomers and immigrant families.
 The community is also a member of CECCO and joins the voices of thousands of Eritrean Canadian in Promoting a Strong relationship between Eritrea and Canada and by advocating for Eritean-Canadians rights for more visit


  •     Starting December 1st  2016 the community center at 346 Hargrave  has  open  services on the following hours: Every Tuesday from 01:00 am to 05:00 p.m.Thursday from 04:00 to 08:00 p.m. and Saturday from 06:00 to 10:00. Solomun G/her will answer  to  membership and other community issues by appointment or by dropping at the 346 Center . Always better to make an appointment by telephone prior to coming by calling 204 2508219.

  •        DECEMBER 2nd 2016   THE COMMUNITY CENTER AT 346 HARGRAVE  STARTED providing social gathering services with food , light drinks
  •                   games and activities. The center will be open Fridays and Saturdays  from 05:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m and will have light snacks , freshly prepared  injera and food.

    •  The community remains open for  youth tutoring  program every Monday , Wednesday and Thursday from 04:30 to 07:30 pm. Tigisti is looking for volunteer tutors and community support to help our newcomer children that are struggling at school and within the family. Our children are coming directly from school and our caterer has a warm meal before they start their after-school work . At present the group of existing tutors has maximized efforts but still  support is needed with volunteer tutors that can work one to one at many different levels from grade 1 to grade 12. Tigisti Abay Asmerom a community educator/teacher and 10  par-time and casual tutors are employed at this program in combination with the summer youth Program
    • The Eritrean Language and Culture School is continuing its services with 6 employed  teachers and serves 70  students this year. Please inform all newcomers of the services available.
      •    All members have  joined the effort to open the center to our community members  and newcomers by  getting involved in different levels of supporting the community efforts together with the  and our volunteer caterer, club managers and all efforts of the new board.
      • On Sundays we are running   driving oral  test preparation in mother tongue language  from 04:00 to 06:00 p.m.  A new group just started and registration is still ongoing.
      • On Sundays we are running  the SEED classes for money management mostly for newcomers from 09:00 -11:20 families are participating  at the Eritrean Community center at present . Newcomer families and individuals are being assisted in a money management course , networking and assistance is provided  with matching funds by enrolment in different projects.
      •  You can forward all you feedback and concerns to the above emails  for discussion or any community issues and opinions .
      •   Newcomers orientation session and with lunch and a welcome message to our newcomers are ongoing  . Please invite any newcomer you know. Location Community Center 346 Hargrave. 
      •   In collaboration with a federal program we provide  the Occupational health session to newcomers. Please see attached video created by the Eritrean Community In Winnipeg Inc in collaboration with the Occupational Health Program in Manitoba   
      •  People that have sponsored through our community  are invited to attend all important meetings at the community center collectively or individually.  These meetings are important for services available to members and newcomers. Canadian and Eritrean Government Services  referrals are provided. guarantors forms for newcomers are being signed  for eligible members and letter of reference being given. Information of Eritrean Citizenship Renewal ID is being facilitated and Canadian Documents is being facilitated.

    • Please visit our website  as its being upgraded. Your feedback is important. We are also posting updated information related to community Programs
    • Our legal issues committee is regularly following up with continues updates . 

    • Last but not least the community is in a process of upgrading all existing programs. Preparation for our 2017 an 2018 programs is in progress .We are asking members to fulfill community dues by paying their membership See new guidelines as per new bylaws
      • A membership committee person  will be calling you to update you membership and ask you to participate in our volunteer programs in every possible capacity.
In Unity we challenge our odds and succeed

Eritrean Community in Winnipeg Inc.Bringing a Proud  African History and Culture  In Canada
                                                                         CELEBRATING 32 YEARS OF PROUD COMMUNITY COMMITMENT IN MANITOBA


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