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Lärarnas tidning / 20 schools follow Schibbye in Eritrea

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Teacher's magazine

20 schools follow Schibbye in Eritrea

SO WE DO Before the journalist Martin Schibbye interviewed the president of Eritrea, he asked Vallhamra School for help with the questions.

29 NOV 2017
20 schools follow Schibbye in Eritrea
Swedish students provide online journalist Martin Schibbye with the faculty collection for interviews in Eritrea.

Vallhamra is one of 20 schools around the country participating in the Blankspot school project project.

When the journalist Martin Schibbye travels around Eritrea, the students contribute questions and help him to look for facts as the basis for his interviews. The contact is mostly via Facebook, where each school has its own group.

Blankspot also holds lectures in classrooms, and has developed teaching materials for lessons such as source criticism, networking and journalism.

- My students have read about Eritrea. When they see how a journalist works in practice, they also get the chance to reflect on how to write in different ways, says Kajsa Hedlund.

Two of her colleagues, SO teachers Cristian Gräsberg and Jenny Broman are also participating in the project, which opens up a lot of cooperation across the subject boundaries.

Blankspot's idea is to illuminate white spots in the media guard. The site's CEO, media director Brit Stakston, emphasizes that the white spots are also largely in Sweden.

In order to raise awareness about the Swedish media situation, she advises schools to invite local journalists and tell them how they work, for example by evaluating different sources.

"I hope schools can continue to work in this way. Most importantly, the teachers are committed and get students to get started and ask questions, says Brit Stakston.

Andreas Sandahl, Rector at Vallhamra School, is pleased that the students get both world-wide knowledge and insight into journalism. Source criticism and the importance of being able to interpret information belong to what today's school needs to learn, he believes.

"This is going to be true, both for students and teachers," says Andreas Sandahl.


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