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CiakSocial / Manduria: a dinner to quench the thirst for children in Eritrea and Tanzania

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Tuesday, 12 December 2017

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  4. Manduria: a dinner to quench the thirst for children in Eritrea and Tanzania

12 Dec 2017
The Pro Bimbi Association "Giovanni Paolo II" Onlus , also this year, organizes theCharity Dinner for the Christmas Festival . Now in its sixth edition, it will be held on Wednesday 20th December at 8:30 pm at the "Al Castello" Restaurant - Manduria.
Guest of the evening will be a Sister of the Eritrean Mission of the Sisters of the Daughters of St. Anne.
The proceeds of the evening will be entirely devoted to the numerous solidarity projects supported by the Pro Bimbi "John Paul II", in particular, to the pro-child missions of the Sisters of the Daughters of St. Anna, operating in Eritrea and the pro-child missions in Tanzania where many children have nothing and die dehydrated and malnourished.

Born at the behest of  Mons. Michele Castoro  in 2007, together with the  Sisters of the Daughters of St. Anna  who until March 31, 2005 were serving in our Hospital of Manduria Marianna Giannuzzi, the Pro Bimbi Association "Giovanni Paolo II" Onlus wants more than never help the children of Eritra and at the same time strengthen the work of the Sisters of St. Anne as missionaries in Asmara and surroundings, in a desperate attempt to save many lives.
Many of the projects they have been working on in recent years, in particular, are funding a very important " Food Security Project " which until now has given life back to thousands of Eritrean children, freeing them from an evident state of malnutrition. The drought of those places, in fact, has caused the loss of crops with the increase in food prices and, consequently, the worsening of the state of health especially of children under the age of five who fall ill because they are ill fed.
The cost of dinner is €. 25.00 for adults and €. 15.00 for children. For info and reservations call the President of the Association, Marilea Disanza, at number 320 5637851.
"We are waiting for you for a nice evening with friends and to give a little relief to those who unfortunately are not as lucky as us". It is Marilea's comment.
We can also help the mission by purchasing a calendar that the Association proposes to good-hearted people every year. The association's 2018 calendars are in large and table formats. The title of this year's calendar is: "My soul is thirsty for you, my Lord! ". It is not a simple calendar, but it is a real book from which to draw the value of "Charity" very much appreciated in the eyes of the Lord!
"Jesus on the Cross said" I'm thirsty ". A thirst that was never extinguished because even today Jesus is thirsty in the lives of many children, like our Eritrea, who have nothing and die dehydrated and malnourished. Buying a calendar today means giving Jesus the same drink ... because he himself told us "every time you have done one of these things to one of my younger brothers you will have done it to me".   This is how Father Giuseppe comments and invites you to share the Pro Children's calendar on facebook and to sponsor the charity activities offered by the non-profit organization.

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