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(Aargauer Zeitung) Post from Bern triggers anxiety among Eritreans in Aargau

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Monday, 09 April 2018


Post from Bern triggers anxiety among Eritreans in Aargau

Ein Uebersetzer uebersetzt fuer Asylsuchende aus Eritrea waehrend dem Workshop "Zusammen sicher im Kanton Bern" der Berner Kantonspolizei fuer Asylsuchende, am Dienstag, 29. August 2017, in der Asylunterkunft Eschenhof in Gampelen. In diesem Workshop werden den Asylsuchenden in verschiedenen Bloecken Informationen zum taeglichen Zusammenleben in der Schweiz vermittelt, so zum Beispiel zu den Themen Rechte und Pflichten, Verkehr oder Polizeikontrolle. (KEYSTONE/Peter Klaunzer)
Among people from Eritrea, the tightened asylum practice causes anxiety. (Icon)

A translator for asylum seekers from Eritrea during the workshop "Together safe in the canton of Bern" of the Bern cantonal police for asylum seekers, on Tuesday, August 29, 2017, in the asylum shelter Eschenhof in Gampelen. In this workshop, asylum seekers will be given information on daily life in Switzerland in various blogs, for example on the topics of rights and duties, transport and police control. (KEYSTONE / Peter Klaunzer)


The tightened practice also affects people in Aargau and triggers criticism from left to right - for different reasons: some see the move as a pure symbolic policy, the other he goes already too far.

There are currently 647 Eritreans living in Aargau, who are considered "provisionally admitted persons". It is still unclear how many of them are among the 3200 people affected by the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM).

But: "The letter is likely to trigger fear," says Patrizia Bertschi, president of the association "Network Asylum Aargau". It was an issue for volunteers and Eritreans. Bertschi is "disturbed" by the procedure. From Eritreans she hears that the situation in the homeland has become even more difficult. "It obviously looks different in the minds of some politicians."

One of them is SVP-Councilor Martina Bircher, who basically demands a sharper path-finding practice towards Eritreans. However, she does not think much of the latest decision from Bern: "This is purely symbolic."

The main concern of the Department of Simonetta Sommaruga is to reassure people, who are angry about their asylum policy. In general, so Bircher, forget that the measure only affects a small part of the Eritreans. The Aarburg councilor with the dossier social refers to the 23 000 other Eritreans with residency and settlement permit.

SP National Councilor Yvonne Feri, who traveled to Eritrea like Susanne Hochuli two years ago, can "partially understand" the new approach to Eritreans who are new to us. The numbers of those provisionally admitted decline accordingly.

"I have no sympathy for the fact that people are now affected who have been living with us for a long time," says Feri. The SP-politician does not trust the new findings of the human rights situation in Eritrea. They are "very minimal and not really substantial".

Feri also sees no reason to enter into diplomatic relations with the state in the Horn of Africa: "As long as in Eritrea, neither a constitutional basis, nor judges, nor a functioning parliament with a well-disposed president in power, I do not see why we have an agreement should strive for. »

«A clear indication»

CVP President Marianne Binder sees it differently: "It must finally be a readmission agreement with Eritrea realized." The verdict of the Federal Administrative Court is a milestone.

"A clear hint for the Federal Council to rethink the Eritreapolitik and not to lure Eritreans with false expectations of a right to stay in Switzerland." The CVP politician criticized: "The left has to respect court judgments.

If she runs into a storm again, I do not understand that, because every person who is here, without being endangered by life and limb, takes away the place that it is.

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