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(Ticino) Serious accident in Graubünden, a 9-month-old girl dies

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Friday, 13 April 2018

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Serious accident in Graubünden, a 9-month-old girl dies.

April 12 , 2018

A tragic epilogue for the serious road accident on Wednesday afternoon on the A2 at the Lostallo motorway exit, in the canton of Grisons, shortly after 15.30.

All eight people belonging to a single family unit residing in the Canton of St. Gallen were injured. Nothing to do unfortunately for a girl of only 9 months who died last night at the Civic Hospital of Lugano, due to the serious injuries reported, shortly after her admission after being transported by helicopter urgently by REGA.

The other occupants are currently hospitalized in the Bellinzona hospital. According to the RSI - news to be confirmed - it would be a family of Eritrean origin.

The van (minibus) on which the driver traveled with his wife along with their three children, in addition to the sister of the driver with his two children, began to suddenly slip out of the roadway on the right going to break the protection and then overturn in the adjacent lawn a few times before stopping on the roof.

On the spot the firefighters from the Lower Mesolcina, the rescuers of the SAM (GR), the Green Cross of Bellinzona and the SALVA intervened, in addition to a helicopter from the REGA.

Not far from the accident site in San Vittore, a week ago another accident involved a motorist traveling on the highway. This time due to the presence of deer that crossed it.

The causes of yesterday's accident are yet to be ascertained and the Graubünden police who have started an investigation are looking for witnesses to clarify what happened.

Rescue Media

Minibus hops in Lostallo and a 9-month-old girl's life lost

Incident on the A13, involved Eritrean family: the vehicle is skidded out of the road and overturning several times in the adjacent lawn

She is a girl of only nine months - transported to death from the Rega hospital Lugano Civic - to have reported the worst consequences following the road accident occurred today at 16 on the A13 at the junction of Lostallo. In the evening the editorial staff was informed of his death, but the cantonal police in Chur was not able to confirm the news, postponing any communication to tomorrow. On board the van, owned by a car rental company in St. Gallen and traveling in the direction of San Bernardino, there was a family of Eritrean origins, probably resident outside the Alps.

Eight people involved, including five children: among the three adults present, two came out unscathed from the crumpled sheets, while one suffered moderate injuries. Of the five children who were traveling sitting in the back seat, two did not report physical consequences and two ended up in the emergency room with moderate injuries. While for the smallest of only 9 months, according to some witnesses there would have been nothing to do.

According to the first information released by the agency Rescue Media, the minibus began to skid on the bottom wet with rain and left the road on the right, where there is no guardrail but only a wire mesh and a small escarpment that ends in a meadow . Here the van has overturned several times finishing the race near some plants that have slowed down. Unknown for hours the causes of the accident. On the spot the firefighters from the Lower Mesolcina, the rescuers of the Moesano ambulance service, the Green Cross of Bellinzona and the Salva di Locarno, as well as a helicopter from the Rega took part.

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