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(Padova24ore) Eritrean athlete Shumay Mogos Solomon won the 2018 edition of the Padua Marathon

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Sunday, 22 April 2018

The men's 42 km podiumThe men's 42 km podium

The marathon of Padua wins the Eritrean Mogos Shumay, Ethiopian the first of women

Bertolini photo

Even if he does not run anymore, he still won him in a way. Ruggero Pertile greets the affirmation of his student Mogos Shumay , the first Eritrean athlete to prevail in the Padua Marathon (in 2 hours 12'23 "). But the 19th edition of the event organized by Assindustria Sport closes with two other cover results: the Ethiopian Waganesh Mekashaimproves the primacy of the women's race by crossing the finish line in 2 hours 29'18 "(the previous, of the Kenyan Florence Kepsoi, was dated 2011: 2 hours 29'25"), with the Italian Rosalba Console third in 2 hours 37'26 "; the Portuguese Sara Catarina Costa Pontes Ribeiro does the same in half in an hour 15'50 "(previous one hour 16'09", of Kenyan Jackline Atudonyang, of 2017). To complete the picture, the success in the male half of the Kenyan Victor Kiplimoin an hour 02'57 ". The male test is vibrating. The group of favorites passes compact in an hour 5 'half way, to Teolo, and then in an hour 33'30 "to the thirtieth kilometer. At the entrance to the municipality of Padua (34th kilometer) three remain: the Kenyan Stephen Omiso Arita, Paul Maina and Shumay. Arita is the first to break away, but the final is fought: Shumay stretches Maina a couple of kilometers from the finish line, gaining forty meters; Maina goes back underneath and flanks it in Piazza dei Signori; Shumay reappears at the Basilica del Santo ("An acceleration from pistard", he says, joking but not too much, "Rero" Pertile, who followed the bike test) and, this time, is no longer resumed.

photo M. Menapace

Shumay until this race had a staff of 2 hours and 16 ', made by running from pacer to Sydney, but completing the test anyway. For him, followed by Pertile for a couple of months, the improvement is clear: "A suggestion that Ruggero gave me? To stay behind, attached to the first, and then, to try to increase the pace in the final part, when the race would come alive. In a sense this was a test for me and I think I passed it well, now I want to continue to dedicate myself to the marathon ».

Rosalba Console is also satisfied , third in an Ethiopian women's marathon for the first and second step of the podium: «It was really difficult, a bit 'for the heat, a bit' because it weighed the withdrawal in Milan two weeks ago. I wanted to grit my teeth and not throw away the preparation. I am happy to be back in Padua after a few years because I remember my victory in 2001, it was my first marathon, hard to forget that day. Now there is an important third place because I have come to a difficult time in my career ». Finally, in the Paralympic race, the British Justin Levene dominates after three editions , this time "only" second, behind the Florentine Diego Gastaldi, which gains important points in view of Grand Prix Fispes.

Bertolini photo

But the technical aspect joins the popular one: 3.543 athletes who crossed the finish line in the two competitive races, more than 20 thousand participants in the Stracittadine. "A real human river", underlines the president of Assindustria Sport Leopoldo Destro. "But the popular aspect is associated with the technical one: I think the two records in women's competitions, especially considering the heat of this almost summery day, deserve to be put on the cover. Walking along the way I also noticed a large audience participation, with an extraordinary welcome reserved for athletes here at the finish line, of course, but also in Rubano, Selvazzano, Teolo and Abano ».

RAI SPORT, "RERO" PERTILE DEBUTS FROM COMMENTATORE. A 45-minute summary of the Padua Marathon will be broadcast on Rai Sport on Tuesday, April 24th at 9 pm, with the story of Luca Ginetto accompanied by the technical commentary by Ruggero Pertile, who debuts in this new role.

ONLINE RESULTS. All the results of the Padova Marathon are available at .

STANDINGS. Men: 1. Solomon Mogos Shumay (ERI) 2h12'23 ", 2. Paul Maina (KEN) 2h12'35", 3. Arita Sthephen Omiso (KEN) 2h15'49 ", 4. Robert Ndiwa (KEN) 2h19'35 ", 5. Luca Parisi (Acsi Campidoglio Palatino) 2h28'27", 6. Tommaso Manfredini (Mds Panariagroup) 2h28'31 ", 7. Matteo Vecchietti (Atl. Valle di Cembra) 2h35'27", 8. Stefano Meroni ( Martesana Corse) 2h36'17 ", 9. Alessio Loner (Atl. Valle di Cembra) 2h36'29", 10. Massimiliano Strappato (Atl. Amatori Osimo) 2h37'29 ".

Olympic wheelchairs: 1. Diego Gastaldi (Sport No LImitis Florence) 1h45'40 ", 2. Justin Jaymes Levene (GBR) 2h01'38", 3. Alessandro Cicu (Asd Sa. Spo) 2h20'52 ".

Half marathon: 1. Victor Kiplimo (KEN) 1h02'57 ", 2. Rodgers Mayo (KEN) 1h04'09", 3. Shume Tafa Desta (ETI) 1h04'53 ", 4. Sammy Kipngetich (KEN) 1h05'22 ", 5. Ousman Jaiteh (GAM) 1h07'06", 6. Anthony Ayeko (UGA) 1h07'26 ", 7. Khalid Jbari (MAR / Athletic Club 96 Alperia) 1h07'51", 8. Rok Puhar (SLO) 1h08'13 ", 9. Mitja Krevs (SLO) 1h08'56", 10. Nelson Wakana (UGA) 1h09'20 ".

Women: 1. Waganesh Amare Mekasha (ETI) 2h29'18 ", 2. Genet Wendimagegnehu Getaneh (ETI) 2h36'36", 3. Rosaria Console (Yellow Flames) 2h37'26 ", 4. Nikolina Stankovic Sustic (CRO) 2h45 '18 ", 5. Federica Schio (Atl. Lupatotina) 3h02'20", 6. Rachel Elaine Burgess (GBR / Pontelungo Bologna) 3h06'39 ", 7. Katia De Angelis (Collection Atletica Sambenedettese) 3h10'18", 8. Laura Brenna (Maneraranners) 3h10'57 ", 9. Katja Martinsek (SLO) 3h11'53", 10. Giovanna Sansoni (Boomerang Runners) 3h18'09 ".

Half marathon: 1. Sara Catarina Costa Pontes Ribeiro (POR) 1h15'50 ", 2. Alice Mogire Kemunto (KEN) 1h18'04", 3. Mary Joy Tabal (PHI) 1h18'58 ", 4. Silvia Rampazzo (Tornado ) 1h20'43 ", 5. Sonia Lopes Conceicao (Boscaini Runners) 1h22'46", 6. Lisa Migliorini (Runner Team 99) 1h27'25 ", 7. Carla Mazza (Asd Plane but we arrive) 1h29'05", 8 Giulia Tardivello (Cus Udine) 1h29'45 ", 9. Sara Brombin (Tornado) 1h30'33", 10. Giulia Bellini (Atl. Corriferrara) 1h31'15 ".

La maratona di Padova la vince l'eritreo Mogos Shumay, etiope la ...

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