Dehai News Guramayle-Bhil Qedamot: A Mosaic of Beautiful Oral Stories

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Date: Sunday, 29 April 2018


By Abrahaley Habte |

April 29, 2018

Young, people tend to look outwardly, but as they mature, they tend to look inwardly. I have observed that many young people often do not appreciate their culture-their literature, customs, songs, and dances. It is the foreign that steals their heart and often it is the foreign that they seek with all their heart. As they mature, they start looking inwards, reflecting on what is theirs and value their culture. They start seeking their selves. Though they continue to appreciate and learn from other languages and cultures, they realize that their literature and culture have a special place in their hearts and their lives. The songs they listen to touch them in ways songs from other cultures do not...................

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