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(BariToday) Eritrea-end and rebirth of an African dream presentation book by Alessandro Pellegatta

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Sunday, 06 May 2018

Saturday 5th May 2018 

ERITREA-END AND REBIRTH OF AN AFRICAN DREAM_Presentation by Alessandro Pellegatta.Laterza Library

ERITREA-END AND REBIRTH OF AN AFRICAN DREAM_Presentation by Alessandro Pellegatta.  Laterza Library
Encounters .

Bari (Bari) 
Venue: via Dante 53 
at 11:30 
free entry 

Info. 347 2975688 (click to enlarge)

eritrea-fine e rinascita di un sogno africano presentazione libro di alessandro pellegatta
"Eritrea, end and rebirth of an African dream", presentation of the book by Alessandro Pellegatta

Eritrea-end and rebirth of an African dream presentation book by Alessandro Pellegatta
As part of the cooperation and cooperation initiatives between Italy and Eritrea, the Consulate of the State of Eritrea in Bari organizes the presentation of the book "Eritrea - Fine and Rebirth of an African Dream" (Besa ed.), May 5 next, in the Laterza bookshop, at 11.30, with the speeches by Francesco Paolo Bello, Honorary Consul of Eritrea in Bari, Petros Fessehazion, Ambassador of the State of Eritrea in Italy, and Alessandro Pellegatta. Coordinates the journalist Maria Grazia Rongo.

We will thus discover a very ancient, multiethnic and multicultural country, traveling along a fascinating route that crosses the "Pearl of the Red Sea", Massawa, the new international spotlight of Asmara, UNESCO heritage since July 2017, the archaeological wonders of Adulis, the cities aksumite placed near the ancient caravan routes, the unique sea of ​​the Dahalak islands, the spectacle of the rocks, or the majestic baobabs and sycamores, and always crosses the open looks of the Eritrean people.

"Eritrea enters your heart at the first glance - comments the Consul Bello - and there it stays when you begin to discover the landscapes, the history, the uniqueness of its people. Alessandro Pellegatta's book is a precious contribution to the knowledge of a country that preserves precious and intangible treasures of great value. It is no coincidence that Unesco has decided to award the City of Asmara with the prestigious recognition of "World Heritage", and a little further away is the hidden beauty of Adulis, thanks also to the collaboration with the Polytechnic of Milan . Both essential elements to consider Eritrea a tourist destination of all respect. In addition, I am particularly happy to present the book by Pellegatta in Bari, together with Ambassador Petros Fessehazion,

In fact, since 2016, the year of establishing the Honorary Consulate of the State of Eritrea in Bari, there have been numerous opportunities for dialogue and dialogue between the two countries, among which we remember: the visit to Bari in July 2017 by Ambassador Petros Fessehazion, when he met the highest institutional citizens and regional offices; and the International Meeting "Africa - The new frontier of development", organized by Polis Avvocati in collaboration with the Puglia Region, which was held during the Fiera del Levante 2017, and focused, in particular, on opportunities for development and exchange with Eritrea, Sudan and South Africa, with the participation of the Ambassadors of the three countries, and leading figures in the world of cooperation and international relations, entrepreneurship, as well as government representatives.

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