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(The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia) PM Dr Abiy: “Today marks a new dawn in Ethio-Eritrean relations”

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia

PM Dr Abiy: “Today marks a new dawn in Ethio-Eritrean relations”

On the evening of 26 June 2018 Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed hosted a dinner in honor of the high level Eritrean delegation to Ethiopia at the National Palace.

During his remarks at the ceremony, PM Dr. Abiy called to attention to the fact that this historic occasion a new dawn in Ethio-Eritrean relations.

Expressing his gratitude for the positive response President Isaias Afewerki reciprocated with, to his olive branch, the Premier reiterated the fact that Ethiopia and Eritrea share lots of commonalities that run the gamut from culture and languages to politics and economy.

In his remarks, Dr. Abiy also addressed the unwanted inter-generational repercussions of wars in such a way that “wars consumes time, human lives and above all, minds”, wars should not be the heirlooms we pass on to posterity, he noted.

In a related note, the Premier has sent out a message of solidarity and collaboration to the peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea and underscored the need to further strengthen this hard earned and historic journey into a far broader peace.

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