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(EuroSport) An Eritrean-born Swedish distance runner won Sweden's first medal during the European Championships

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Thursday, 09 August 2018

Meraf Bahta received his bronze medal on Thursday.
Meraf Bahta received his bronze medal on Thursday. Photo: Vegard Wivestad Gröt / BIldbyrån

Meraf Bahta won the EM bronze - but does she keep it?

BERLIN. Meraf Bahta received her bronze medal on a Thursday at a ceremony in central Berlin. But she did it in silence.

TI TUSSEN METER: Alina Reh runs next to Meraf Bahta during Wednesday's race in Berlin.

At 10,000 meters Meraf Bahta won Sweden's first medal during the European Championships. But the question is, can she keep it?

Meraf Bahta missed three doping controls and is currently under investigation. Despite that, the Swedish may compete during the European Championships.

Now to the big question mark.

Bahta took Sweden's first medal on Wednesday night when she climbed the bronze set in 10,000 meters. But will she keep it? "We are pleased with Meraf, then the investigation will be done," said commentator Jessica Falkman.

Meraf Bahta vann EM-brons - men får hon behålla det?

Meraf Bahta jumped 10,000 meters in the athletics championship in Berlin. Photo: TT

Despite turbulence - EM bronze to Meraf Bahta

Doping suspect and under investigation - but tonight Meraf Bahta took Sweden's first medal in the athletics European Championships when she reached 10,000 meters at 32.19.34. 
"It has really been tough, very hard and tough," she told SVT Sport.

After all the turbulence for the Athletics Athletics Championships, Meraf Bahta, who is being investigated for three dots after three misses in the Wadas World Anti-Doping Agency's stay report, she set off for 10,000 meters.

"I decided that I must be strong and I have to fight. I can not do anything else, says Bahta to SVT Sport after the race.

She lay in front of a tight trio with Israeli Lonah Chemtai Salpeter, Dutch Susan Krumins and Turkish Yasemin Can. When they jumped for more than twenty minutes, Bahta dropped out and did not seem to hurry the last part of the race.

But Bahta catched the Turkish, who at the same time began to hook, and the Swedes went by and tore the bronze set.

"It was very good but very hot. I felt tired.

The gold won the Israeli Lonah Chemtai Salpeter at 31.43.29, silver to the Dutch Krumins at 31.52.55.

"Now I'll rest for a few days and load for 5000 and hope it's going well there too," says Bahta.

See the Bronze Run again here:

Trots turbulens – EM-brons till Bahta
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