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(Qienit) Remembering Tsehaytu Beraki 'Queen of Eritrea Guyla' The Last Intimate Interview!

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Published on 12 Sep. 2018
Remembering Tsehaytu Beraki Queen of Eritrean Guyla - The Last Intimate Interview! On the occasion of the feast of Saint John QieNit brings to you the last intimate interview Tsehaytu Beraki recorded with the media before she passed away. In this episode she sits down with QieNit's presenter Yared Tesfay for conversation essential enough for posterity. TsehaytuBeraki is an absolutely legendary singer from Eritrea. Born in 1939 in Quatit, a small village, she soon picked up the Krar (5-string harp) and after moving to the capital Asmara she became a famous singer.. Her courage and inspiration still mean a lot to all Eritreans - The songs are as authentic as possible, to western ears it is largely unknown music.

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