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Eritrea for mobile viewing “Building national identity is not to be left for one generation only”-Gen Flipos

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Date: Monday, 24 September 2018

Asmara, 24 September 2018- Building national identity is not to be left for one generation only and that is the responsibility of every generation to develop and nurture it. The comment was made by Gen. Flipos Woldeyohannes, Chief of Staff of the Eritrean Defense Forces, at a seminar he conducted to the members of the 32nd round of the national service in Sawa on 23 September.

At the seminar, Gen. Flipos gave extensive briefing on the process of building physical and political infrastructures which requires nurturing citizens equipped with education and skills and that preserves the independence and national sovereignty that has been realized through the heavy sacrifice of citizens.

Explaining on the history of nation building process and experiences of other peoples, Gen. Flipos said that ensuring sustainable nation and continuity of generation requires nurturing youth equipped with developed ideas, courage coupled with developed economy and army.

Indicating on the need to build solid political, military, economic, diplomatic and cultural assets, Gen. Flipos called on the youth to diligently combat the external conspiracies that are aimed at hindering the youth from realizing national vision and development drives.

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