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(Il Foglio) Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte will fly to Ethiopia and Eritrea

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The visit of Conte in Africa is good news

Economy, diplomacy and immigration. The importance of the premier meetings in 
Ethiopia and Eritrea 
by Massimo Bordin   9 October 2018 
Guiseppe Conte

Italy's prime minister, Giuseppe Conte
Tomorrow the Prime Minister will be on an official visit to Ethiopia and Eritrea. Libero, who in his titles loves to offer the reader strong feelings, yesterday presented the presidential voyage as an escape or so, at best a waste of time. It's not really like that. If ever you can be amazed by an act not without logic that this government decides on the African front where so far the activism of the truce responsible for the Interior Ministry has caused more problems than anything else. The re-opening of relations between the two African countries offers considerable diplomatic and economic possibilities, not to mention the aspect linked to immigration
Moreover, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, when Minister Paolo Gentiloni was Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, the ad hoc figure of a special envoy for the Horn of Africa was set up and since then Ambassador Luciano Pezzotti has held the position he has given to Italy plays a significant role in the reconstruction of a state structure in Somalia and a permanent presence in the international meetings that concerned the area. The strategic importance of the Horn of Africa is out of the question and if a criticism should be made at this visit is its delay. However, it can be appreciated that it is not one of the two vice-premieres to do it.

Conte flies to Ethiopia and Eritrea


The Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte will fly to Ethiopia and Eritrea, for the first visit of an Italian leader for many years. An opportunity to support the process of political reforms and economic stabilization.

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