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( Travel to Asmara through the streets of the video "Chiaro di Luna" by Jovanotti

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Travel to Asmara through the streets of the video "Chiaro di Luna" by Jovanotti

That's why Jovanotti decided to shoot his latest music video in Eritrea, to be precise in Asmara, the "Little Rome"

Jovanotti dusts off the link between Italy and Eritrea in his latest music video. "Chiaro di Luna" was shot in Asmara, the "Little Rome".

The official video of " Chiaro di Luna " is online, a new song by Jovanotti. For this single singer and his crew decided to travel to Eritrea. Specifically, the selected stage was Asmara. The link between the singer and the city and the country in general is very close, which explains the specific choice.

Suffice it to say that his grandfather had worked as a truck driver in Asmara many years ago. In fact, once upon a time, Italy and Eritrea were particularly linked, for historical reasons. Even today, the city retains its charm, with Jovanotti who tends to describe it as a place that can rediscover to anyone their own self.

A difficult and delicate love story told in "Chiaro di Luna", which Jovanotti has imagined in Asmara especially for the period of changes that Eritrea is experiencing: "You can only get to know a place by traveling outside the classic circuits tourist. - said Jovanotti - I would have liked to visit it alone but then I thought it was the right place for the video of Chiaro di Luna ".

Asmara is the capital of Eritrea, which became part of the 20 new sites included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites . From the very first impact, the city guarantees a surprising effect on tourists, considering how it was entirely designed by Italian architects in the 1930s, during the period in which it was an Italian colony (from 1890 to 1941).

The landscape has obviously changed over the years but many buildings have survived. Among villas, cinemas, bars, stations and government buildings, there are about 400 structures, survivors of the Ethiopian occupation and rediscovered in the 90s, after independence. Getting lost in the streets of Asmara is like taking a trip home, in a concentrate of Italian cities, from Rome to Milan.

What remains today is a hybrid between the natural local evolution and the Italian project of the time, which aimed to create a " Little Rome ". A utopian and decidedly avant-garde plan, a playground for architects, which still attracts tourists from all over the world.

Jovanotti - Asmara

Source Photo: Instagram

Viaggio ad Asmara tra le vie del video “Chiaro di Luna” di Jovanotti ...

Published on 21 Nov. 2018

‘Chiaro Di Luna’, la canzone d’amore definitiva, è anche qui: Regia: YouNuts! (Antonio Usbergo & Niccolò Celaia) Montaggio: Gianluca Conca Produced by Art+Vibes Executive producer: Max Brun Producer: Roberta Gigi Service Production : Melasento Produzioni Line Producer : Eulin Lapardhaja Production Manager : Imelda Lapardhaja Starring: Amal Asmelash e Frezghi Teklemariam Styling Lorenzo by Nick Cerioni Grazie a: Pietro Zambaiti e il suo staff Zambaiti Asmara Petros Fessahazion Ambasciatore Eritrea in Italia Francesco Paolo Bello Console Eritrea a Bari Alberto Brunelli Direttore Comunicazione dell'Eritrea in Italia Makonnen Asmaron e il suo staff del Gruppo Piccini Service Production Asmara: Franco Sardella, Davide Sardella, Haile Berhane ‘Kulebi’ Vincenzo Sansone Yonas Tesfamichael Officina Modici Giovanni Primo e il suo Albergo Italia di Asmara Agenzia viaggi: AfroNINETour Un grazie particolare alla gente di Asmara, Eritrea Segui Jovanotti su… IG: FB: TW:
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