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(Blick) An entire family is missing

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Six dead at Inferno in Solothurn

An entire family is missing

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor A whole family is missing

Tadesse G., his wife Mariam P. and their two daughters (4 and 5 years old) have been missing since the fire.

6 dead. Four injured. Uncertainty. It is still unclear who died in the flames of Solothurn. Even the relatives and friends of an Eritrean family from the second floor still hope. But hope is dwindling.

Dramatic scenes take place in the night on Monday at Solothurn Wengistrasse 40 . Thick smoke smokes through the apartment building. Panic breaks out. Childrens cries echo through the night. And suddenly they fall silent. Some get out of the house in time, like Hassan Ibrahim Jemal (28) from the ground floor. He was fast asleep when his neighbor rang him out of bed about two o'clock. "She screamed, 'Get out of here!'" Without shoes, he immediately runs out into the night. On the saving road in the open air.

Not all of the 20 residents in the house can follow him. Deadly poisonous smoke traps people on the upper floors up to the fourth floor. Six people die. Four are seriously injured in the hospital until Monday evening. It is the most devastating house fire of the last 20 years.

The identity of the dead is still unclear. Trembling, anxious, hoping for relatives and friends. So also with those of the young Eritrean family of Tadesse G. * and Mariam P. * with their two small daughters (4 and 5 years old).

Handy by Tadesse G. rings since the fire

They lived on the second floor of the apartment building. Goods engaged in the Eritrean and Somali communities. Were welcome and regular guests in the services. But since the fire they are missing all four. The two girls do not show up at the kindergarten on Monday. The desperate relatives and friends look for them, look around in front of the fire ruin, wait in vain for a sign of life together in a living room. The mobile of Tadesse G. rings since the fire.

So far, they have received no information from the police whether they are among the victims. "We were put off, the identification is still running," says a friend of the family to LOOK. On their own they searched the hospitals, but there too - no trace. "We cling to the last hope, what else is left for us," says a relative.

«She threw the child down to me»

The last hope of a resident from the third floor is neighbor Abdul Karem (21). At 2 o'clock in the morning he is awakened. Karem goes out and sees a woman standing on the third floor with a child at the window. She calls him to catch her child. She screamed that there was a lot of smoke in her apartment. Then she threw the child down to me, "he tells LOOK.

Karem catches the child, but underestimates the force of the fall. The child touched the ground slightly. I have checked if everything is alright with the kid. He was not bleeding, "he says. The boy vomits and is taken into custody by the police. "What happened to him, I do not know," said Karem.

The mother should have jumped after her child. Whether they survived, the police say. Spokesman Andreas Mock: "The situation that a mother has her toddler thrown out the window and then jumped, we know. We are in the process of reconstructing the incident. "

An arrest

A resident of the directly grown house also wakes up with smoke in his room. When he runs outside, there are pictures of horror: "I saw a man standing at the window on the third floor - then I heard an impact. He jumped in despair. "

The police announced in the early evening that the fire was triggered by "improper use of smokers in an apartment". One person was provisionally arrested and further investigations were underway.

Residents of the house report to the LOOK that a woman fell asleep on the ground floor with a burning cigarette.

* Changed name

Eine ganze Familie wird vermisst


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