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(AUDIO) Telephonic Press Briefing with Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, Tibor P. Nagy, Jr.

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Thursday, 06 December 2018

Telephonic Press Briefing with Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, Tibor P. Nagy, Jr.

December 6, 2018

Media Advisory |December 6, 2018 Telephonic Press Briefing with Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of African Affairs, Tibor P. Nagy, Jr.


Telephonic Press Briefing with Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, Tibor P. Nagy, Jr.

-Second Africa trip, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Kenya. Wanted to visit East Africa to see positive developments in the Horn of Africa; thank Ethiopia for internal and external developments. Wanted to visit partners as well. Have been encouraged by positive changes.

-Discussed full range of issues with Eritrea. Human rights are very much a consideration in our bilateral relationship. Hoping to get to where our relations with Eritrea are just as warm as our relations with Ethiopia. Both countries important. 

-We discuss with Kenyan government on ongoing basis graft and corruption. Key priority to the US and the government of Kenya. There has been progress, and we look forward to continued engagement on this progression and good governance.

-Discussing some next steps on possible bilateral free trade agreements that would be complementary to the continent-wide free trade agreement. 

-Peace and stability in Somalia is very important to the US. Recognize and thank Kenya for energetic combatting of Al Shabaab. Brunt of sacrifice taken by African soldiers. We are supporting Somali government and working with likeminded parties to help economically. 

-Very significant announcement that we have a U.S. Ambassador on the ground, Ambassador Don Yamamoto, in Somalia. He will be engaging directly with Somali government daily, which will give us better info on what Somalia needs for peace. 

-The US currently has no free trade agreements with sub-Saharan Africa; only one on the continent with Morocco. Eager to pursue bilateral free trade agreement with a sub-Saharan African country as a model. Had high-level dialogue with AU, discussed this.

-We support the Africa-wide free trade agreement and don't want any bilateral agreements to conflict - we want a complementary agreement.

-Conflict in Cameroon worrying. The issue grows worse by the day, fear is deterioration will end up in radicalization of Cameroonian Anglophones. US calls for dialogue between the two sides to reach compromise.

-Found our discussions with Eritrean government very positive, on mutual issues of interest. We look forward to continuing that discussion. On Horn of Africa, very encouraged by recent progress, including improved relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea. 

-Under Trump admin: BUILD Act is extremely significant as it doubles OPIC investment to $60 billion, much of which will be directed to Africa. A lot of focus is bringing foreign direct investment to Africa. Hoping countries can get from developing to developed. 

-AsstSecStateAF Nagy hoping to get all around the continent before his first year in his role concludes.

AVAILABLE NOW: English audio file of today’s telephonic press briefing with Tibor P. Nagy, Jr on U.S. policy in Africa and the outcomes of his current travel to the region: 

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