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( 2018 Ring Panzhihua International Road Cycling Competition Perfectly Closed

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Monday, 10 December 2018

2018 Ring Panzhihua International Road Cycling Competition Perfectly Closed

10:14, December 10, 2018 Source: People's Network - Sports Channel

On December 9th, the 2018 Ring Panzhihua International Road Cycling Race entered the second stage and was the last stage of the competition. On the first day, the outstanding Eritrean national team saved the first day's victory. Dawit Yemene went smoothly. The best Panzhihua hero shirt orange shirt and climbing red dot shirt will be worn to the end. Niu Yizhen of China's Heilongjiang team won the stage in the second stage and presented a precious gift for his birthday.

The starting point of the second stage city point-to-point competition is still located in the China Third-line Construction Museum. After the departure, the drivers passed the Haage Bridge and Yanbian County to the Yisi County Cultural Square to end the 114.7-kilometer race. The whole stage is 66.5 km away. On the way to a sprint, there is a 3 level climbing point at 88.5 km. Miyi County is known as the “Hometown of Sunshine Rice” and was awarded the title of “Hometown of Chinese Culture” in March 2016. It covers an area of ​​2,153 square kilometers and has jurisdiction over 12 townships, including Han, Yi and Yu. The ethnic group and the population of 220,000 are a landscape garden town where “the city is in the mountains, the water is in the city, in the green, and in the garden”. It is also the “spring flower, summer heat, autumn fruit, winter warm sun”. The ideal destination for a wellness vacation.

Compared with the first day stage, the difficulty is close, and there are still many continuous corners and many undulating roads. At 9:30 in the morning, the game officially started. After the competition of the previous day, the drivers were full of fighting spirits. Starting from the beginning, they began to pull and tear, and there were always drivers who broke through, but they were all recovered less than 50 meters and 100 meters. There were also drivers who tried to fly solo, but they also failed to return to the big group in less than 30 seconds. Muhammad Posherif of Kazakhstan’s Czech Republic’s team, Alexis Pia Kun of Minsk, Belarus, and Gramreza Chelajikawari of Iran’s Omedia Grab the top three rewards on the way.

Thanks to the top three and three jerseys in the previous day's competition, the Eritrean national team showed great strength and was able to play well in the second day of the game until it came to the climb point, including The six drivers, including David, stood out from the big group, and Davet grabbed the second place on the climb. Subsequently, the six returned to the big group again. A 20-person breakout group was formed 20 km before the end of the race. The winners of the jerseys were all included, and Niu Yizhen was also among them. Near the big group sprint point, the leading group is riding faster and faster and leading the big group by 1 minute and 40 seconds. Niu Yizhen grabbed the attack time at 500 meters before the finish line and grabbed the championship in 2 hours, 41 minutes and 25 seconds. "I didn't perform well after the first stage yesterday. I want to give up. I only knew that yesterday was my birthday when I was on the phone with my mother. I was thinking about working hard today and giving myself the best birthday present. " Niu Yizhen said.

In the jersey, Davet successfully put the Panzhihua hero shirt orange shirt and the climbing king red shirt to the end, and his teammate Erroo Muludehan won the sprinter. Liu Jiankun of China's Heilongjiang Cycling Team won the best red shirt in Greater China. In the group ranking, the Eritrean national team won the first place in the group's total score; the China Tianjin Cycling Team won the first place in the Greater China group.

At this point, the 2018 Ring Panzhihua International Road Cycling Race ended successfully.
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2018 Ring Panzhihua International Road Cycling Tournament (Circle Race) held by David Dave exclusive "three shirts"
Update Time: 2018-12-09 Source: Daily Panzhihua

  At 9:30 on December 8th, the guns were fired and the players "take the door." (Reporter Song Junkang)

    □ Reporter Peng Chunmei Intern Wang Huiling

  Accelerate, sprint...

  At 11:22 on December 8th, Eritrean national team player David Yemen crossed the finish line and won the first total score of the 2018 Panzhihua International Road Cycling Tournament (circle) in 1 hour, 52 minutes and 22 seconds. name.

  The Eritrean national team played an excellent role in the first day of the competition. Davit and other three drivers took the top three. With the outstanding performance of the single-flying champion, David was alone in the "three shirts", which represented the first overall score of the individual. Panzhihua hero shirt, sprint green shirt and climbing red shirt.

  Liu Jiankun of China's Heilongjiang Cycling Team won the best red shirt in Greater China.

  The Panzhihua circuit is unique

  This competition is the first international professional road cycling event held in our city. The competition is carried out in accordance with the regulations of the International Cycling Union (UCI) and the specific rules of this competition. In terms of track setting, Panzhihua has a unique geographical advantage.

  The first day of the competition is the city circle competition. The starting point and the end point are the Panzhihua China Third Line Construction Museum. The total length of the stage is 80.8 kilometers. It runs along the Jinsha River and flows around the city. It passes through the Bingcaogang Bridge and the Dukou Bridge. Representative landmarks in Panzhihua City, such as the Museum of China, the Puda Health Resort, etc. In this stage, the flat road and the ramp continue to switch, with a sprint point at 40.3 km and a level 2 climbing point at 55 km. The track is dominated by undulating roads and there are many corners, which is challenging for the drivers.

  The next day's competition is the city's point-to-point competition. The starting point is Panzhihua China's third-line construction museum. The end point is Miyi County Cultural Square. The total length of the stage is 114.7 kilometers. It runs along the Yalong River and Jinsha River, passing through Tongzilin Scenic Area and Ertan Country. Forest Park, Ertan Dam. This stage has the characteristics of long route, high altitude, steep slope and high difficulty. The altitude is maintained between 1013 and 1298 meters, which is the most suitable altitude for human life. In this interval, people's heart rate will increase by 10%-20%, which will not only improve heart and lung function, but also be very beneficial to metabolism. Help the players to create better results.

  Eritrean national team players take the top three

  After the start of the game, the players are struggling to compete, and the Eritrean national team players are constantly breaking through. At the 33-kilometer track, a 10-man breakout group formed among the contestants. They competed around the sprint point. The 76th driver, Kane Richards from St. George of Australia, took the lead to pass the sprint. Subsequently, the breakout group has differentiated, but the leading group has little advantage.

  After starting the climbing section, David was successful in solo flight. After successfully grabbing the first climbing point, he continued to break out alone and continued to expand the lead, up to 1 minute and 41 seconds ahead of the big group, before the finish line. More than 100 meters, I raised my arms early to celebrate, and finally won the championship with 1 hour, 52 minutes and 22 seconds. After 1 minute and 03 seconds, David's two teammates, also from the Eritrean national team, Alan Debrisian, and Elok Muludehan successively rushed to the second and third place in the first day of the competition.

  "Panzhihua Hero Shirt" reward player

  In conjunction with the historical culture and theme of Panzhihua City, the organizing committee set up a “Panzhihua Hero Shirt” to reward the players with the highest score. The theme of "Hero Shirt" is orange and yellow, which is a combination of Panzhihua elements. It symbolizes the Panzhihua people's fear of hardships and difficulties. It uses hard work and wisdom to write the spirit of the magnificent chapter in the history of development and construction. It also symbolizes the Panzhihua people's efforts to promote high-quality development and construction. The belief of beautiful prosperity and harmonious Panzhihua.

  In accordance with international practice, this competition sets a green jersey to reward the sprinter leading players; set the red jersey as the "Big China Best" honour shirt to highlight the Chinese power; set the red polka dot shirt to reward the climb The player with the leading score. Liu Jiankun, the player of the China Heilongjiang Cycling Team, won the best red shirt in Greater China.

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