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Sudan on the edge

Posted by: Global Perspectives

Date: Friday, 01 February 2019


Editor's note

After 30 years in power, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir is facing a stiff challenge to his leadership in the form of popular protests. People are deeply unhappy about soaring inflation and the high cost of basic foodstuffs, like bread. Luka Kuol suggests that Sudan is at a crossroads - and that it's time for Bashir to accept mediation, and to stand down, or indicate that he won’t stand for reelection in 2020.

Julius Maina

Regional Editor East Africa

Top Story

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir at the Arab Summit in Saudi Arabia in April 2018. EPA-EFE/Stringer

Sudan impasse can end if Bashir sets aside his pride and agrees to mediation

Luka Kuol, Africa Center for Strategic Studies

The uprising in Sudan has weakened the authority of President Omar al-Bashir and political Islam in the country.

Business + Economy

EU-Japan trade deal comes into force to create world’s biggest trade zone

Emil Kirchner, University of Essex

The EU and Japan's economies together account for about a third of global GDP.

Why Uganda’s ban on sports betting was the right thing to do

Victor Odundo Owuor, University of Colorado

There's a strong case to ban gambling as it's rapidly becoming a public health concern in sub-Saharan Africa.

Health + Medicine

Why screen time for babies, children and adolescents needs to be limited

John J Reilly, University of Strathclyde ; Anthony (Tony) Okely, University of Wollongong; Catherine Draper, University of the Witwatersrand; Mark S. Tremblay, University of Ottawa

Global experts warn that excessive screen time increases the risk of obesity, low physical fitness, anxiety and depression.

Skipping breakfast may help you lose weight - what hunter gatherers can teach us

Tim Spector, King's College London; Jeff Leach, King's College London

'Eat breakfast like a king' is flawed advice, new study finds.

Air pollution may be affecting how happy you are

Peter Howley, University of Leeds

New research in China adds to the evidence of a direct link between air pollution and happiness.

Alzheimer’s is linked to gum disease – but bad oral health is not the only culprit

Sim K. Singhrao, University of Central Lancashire

We were the first to make the connection between P. gingivalis and fully diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease. While evidence of a link is growing, it must be interpreted in context.

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