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(In The Bunch) Tour du Rwanda results & GC: Biniyam Ghirmay claims stage five victory

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Friday, 01 March 2019

Eritrea’s Biniyam Ghirmay crossing the line to win stage five of the Tour du Rwanda today. Photo: Tour du Rwanda/@MUZOGEYEPlaisir

Tour du Rwanda results & GC: Biniyam Ghirmay claims stage five victory


Eritrea’s Biniyam Ghirmay won the 138.7km fifth stage of the Tour du Rwanda in Musanze today.

Ghirmay completed the race in 3:42:01, beating Delko Marseille Provence’s Joseph Areruya and Israel Cycling Academy’s Daniel Turek to the line.

South African Calvin Beneke, of ProTouch, finished 19th.

Astana Pro’s Merhawi Kudus again retained his overall lead with a time of 17:33:37, 17 seconds clear of Direct Energie’s Rein Taaramae.

View more results below.

Stage five

1. Biniyam Ghirmay (Eritrea) 3:42:01
2. Joseph Areruya (Delko Marseille Provence)
3. Daniel Turek (Israel Cycling Academy)
4. Didier Munyaneza (Benediction Excel Energy)
5. Jeremy Bellicaud (France U23)
6. Moise Mugisha (Rwanda)
7. Adrien Guillonnet (Interpro Cycling Academy)
8. Geoffrey Langat (Kenya)
9. Valens Ndayisenga (Rwanda) 0:00:03
10. Eric Manizabayo (Benediction Excel Energy) 0:00:47


19. Calvin Beneke (ProTouch) 0:03:17
27. Jayde Julius (ProTouch)
47. James Fourie (ProTouch) 0:06:10
58. Rohan du Plooy (ProTouch) 0:15:10
61. Mornay van Heerden (ProTouch) 0:24:19

General classification

1. Merhawi Kudus (Astana Pro) 13:48:19
2. Rein Taaramae (Direct Energie) 0:00:17
3. Matteo Badilatti (Israel Cycling Academy) 0:00:45
4. Hernán Aguirre (Interpro Cycling Academy) 0:01:00
5. Sirak Tesfom (Eritrea) 0:04:14
6. David Lozano (Team Novo Nordisk) 0:04:40
7. Suleiman Kangangi (Kenya) 0:04:56
8. Didier Munyaneza (Benediction Excel Energy) 0:05:00
9. Jeremy Bellicaud (France U23) 0:06:19
10. Joseph Areruya (Delko Marseille Provence)


35. Jayde Julius (ProTouch) 0:27:31
38. Calvin Beneke (ProTouch) 0:29:17
50. James Fourie (ProTouch) 0:38:43
58. Mornay van Heerden (ProTouch) 0:55:51

60. Rohan du Plooy (ProTouch) 1:05:23

Classifications 2019 after the stage 5

Th. 28/02 | Stage 5 | 138.7km | Karongi > Musanze

Stage Winner

Stage classification

1 Biniam GIRMAY HAILU 35 ERYTHREE 03H42'01"
2 Joseph ARERUYA 51 Delko Marseille Provence 03H42'01"
3 Daniel TUREK 75 Israel Cycling Academy 03H42'01"
4 Didier MUNYANEZA 104 Benediction Excel Energy 03H42'01"
5 Jeremy BELLICAUD 92 Equipe De France Espoirs 03H42'01"
6 Moise MUGISHA 13 Rwanda 03H42'01"
7 Adrien GUILLONNET 112 Interpro Cycling Academy 03H42'01"
8 Geoffrey Kiprotich LANGAT 153 Kenya 03H42'01"
9 Valens NDAYISENGA 12 Rwanda 03H42'04"
10 Eric MANIZABAYO 103 Benediction Excel Energy 03H42'48"

General classification

General classification

1 Merhawi KUDUS 21 Astana Pro Team 17H33'37"
2 Rein TAARAMAE 41 Direct Energie 17H33'54"
3 Matteo BADILATTI 73 Israel Cycling Academy 17H34'22"
4 Hernan Ricardo AGUIREE CAIPA 111 Interpro Cycling Academy 17H34'37"
5 Sirak TESFOM 31 ERYTHREE 17H37'51"
6 David LOZANO RIBA 81 Team Novo Nordisk 17H38'17"
7 Suleiman KANGANGI 151 Kenya 17H38'33"
8 Didier MUNYANEZA 104 Benediction Excel Energy 17H38'37"
9 Jeremy BELLICAUD 92 Equipe De France Espoirs 17H39'56"
10 Joseph ARERUYA 51 Delko Marseille Provence 17H40'14"

King of the Mountains

Best Sprinter

Best Young

Best African

Team classification

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