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( prosecutors demanded on Monday a 14-year prison term for an alleged people-smuggling kingpin

Posted by: Semere Asmelash

Date: Monday, 17 June 2019

Trafficking of migrants, in Palermo the "General" trial: asked for 14 years

17 June 2019
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The sentence to 14 years of imprisonment and 50,000 euros fine for Mered Medhanie Yehdego, aka Tesfamariam Medhanie Berhe. This is the request of the prosecutors Calogero Ferrara and Claudio Camilleri at the end of the indictment at the trial of Mered Medhanie Yedhego, known as "the general", accused of being the head of a transnational organization that manages the trafficking of human beings between Africa and Africa. 'Europe. The defendant was arrested in Khartoum in May 2016 by mandate of the Public Prosecutor of Palermo in collaboration with the British NCA and the Sudanese police and was extradited to Italy in June of the same year. Since his arrival in Italy the accused - also through his lawyer, the lawyer Michele Calantropo - has invoked the error in person, claiming to be an Eritrean refugee, carpenter, named Medhanie Tasmafarian Behre. The trial began - before the Assize Court - in October 2017.

The public prosecutor underlined the importance of the statements of Nuredin Wehabrebi Atta, the first "repentant" in the matter to which the status foreseen before is recognized only for the ex mafiosi: "Since 2015 the Public Prosecutor of Palermo has excluded that photograph (that one with blue t-shirt and golden crucifix) mistakenly inserted in an informative We have a collaborator of justice who on 29 April 2015 says he met him in Catania, at Cara di Mineo, in 2014. That subject in the picture is called Habdega Sghedom. He says it five times and then confirmed it here ". According to the prosecutors, the many witnesses heard at the trial - including the alleged brother - would be stuffed with so many "memories". While the defendant's examination ends up being, in some cases, "

The prosecutor has reconstructed the genesis of the investigations - from Glauco 1 to Glauco 2 - up to the "fruitful collaboration" with the British NCA, also explaining the techniques of "routing" of the flows "which have legitimately allowed to intercept telephone calls from abroad but transited on Italian networks and structures ". The prosecution also pointed out the illegitimate activity carried out - in 2015 - by the Coast Guard of Rome ("The famous story of the photo takes place through the illegitimate investigative interviews - Ferrara said - conducted by the Coast Guard with a subject deemed unreliable" ).

According to the prosecutor a " press campaign to cover the trafficker as well as contradictory elements and not corresponding to the truth and indicative of the aiding and pollution activities to cover the accused" would also have been implemented . The prosecutor also asked for a sentence of 10 years of imprisonment (and 40,000 euros fine) for the defendants Afomia Eyasu, Andebrahan Tareke and Arouna Said Traore and eight years in prison (35,000 euros) for Muktar Hussein and Mahammad Elias. On June 27, word to the other parties, on July 1 speech of defense. (AGI)
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